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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fishing Guide — Types of Bait and Fish

by Ginny Woo

One of the many activities that you can take part in as the protagonist of Fire Emblem: Three Heroes is Fishing. The game gives you plenty of free time to get to know your students and to also prepare yourself for the trials and tribulations ahead. An important part of that is maximizing your professor level and making sure that you’re well equipped for the activities that will get your students hench enough to take on any enemy. You’ll need to get fish to make the most of Cooking Together, not to mention how some quests will require them too. Check out our Fire Emblem Three Houses fishing guide to the different types of bait and the fish that you can get from the pond.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Fishing Guide — Types of Bait 

There are different types of bait available to you when you’re looking to fish in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Much like the gifts in the game, each type of bait has a different star rating. The star rating scales with the rarity of the fish that you can net. These types of bait aren’t set in stone; you can get special event bait and also purchase bait from the roaming merchants that are sometimes present (check your schedule to find out when). Fishing doesn’t use up activity points despite netting you a valuable amount of professor experience, so it’s in your interest to get on that bait. Check out our Fire Emblem Three Houses fishing bait list:

  • Blowfly — 4 star rarity
  • Earthworm — 3 star rarity
  • Herring Bait — 5 star rarity
  • Insect Larva — 1 star rarity
  • Pond Snail — 2 star rarity

Fire Emblem Three Houses Fishing Guide — Fish List

As with the bait, the different types of fish are also subject to a rating scale. The rarity of the bait corresponds to the rarity of the fish that you can pick up, so you’ll want to keep our bait list in mind before hooking something. 

You can also use the different fish in recipes in Cooking Together — check out our Fire Emblem Three Houses Cooking Together guide to see what you need. Aside from that, however, some students will request that you pick up a specific kind of fish for their day to day needs. Check out a complete list of what you can reel in at the monastery:

  • Airmid Goby — 1 star rarity
  • Airmid Pike — 3 star rarity
  • Albinean Herring — 2 star rarity
  • Ancient Fodlan — 5 star rarity
  • Bullhead — 5 star rarity
  • Caledonian Crayfish — 1 star rarity
  • Caledonian Gar — 3 star rarity
  • Carassius — 1 star rarity
  • Fodlandy — 5 star rarity
  • Goddess Messenger — 5 star rarity
  • Golden Fish — 4 star rarity
  • Platinum Fish — 5 star rarity
  • Queen Loach — 4 star rarity
  • Silver Fish — 3 star rarity
  • Teutates Loach — 2 star rarity
  • Teutates Pike — 4 star rarity
  • White Trout — 2 star rarity

There may well be more aquatic animals and content added to the Fire Emblem Three Houses roster when the expansion pass DLC starts to roll out later on this year, and we’ll update this list accordingly when the time comes. Now, it’s time to go and cut your teeth on some hardcore fishing at the Garreg Mach monastery to get those professor levels up. Check out our guides hub for more tips about the various Explore activities that you can engage in. 

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