Fire Emblem: Three Houses isn't only about training up your students; it's also about ensuring that you as the protagonist get swole enough with skills to bench press every Hero Relic imaginable to take your House to victory. Sure, you can put your kids through a rigorous week of academic and physical activity when you're being Fodlan's best TA, but you definitely don't want to get outpaced. Luckily enough, there are other staff members at the Garreg Mach monastery who have plenty to teach you. Our Fire Emblem Three Houses faculty training guide will tell you who's proficient at what, and how they can help.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Faculty Training Guide

One thing you might have already noticed from chatting to the various students scattered around the place is that the ones who aren't already in your House have particularities about what they value in a teacher. We have a full list of those details in our Fire Emblem Three Houses recruiting students guide.

Essentially, each kid has skills that they think are important, and if you want them to join your House then Byleth is going to have to meet some minimum levels in those skills. It's impossible to net a wide spread of these skills if you're just going out in combat and beating things to death -- that just takes too long. Enter: your fellow teachers. You can talk to specific NPCs in the monastery, and they'll be able to teach you skills and to help you improve them. Wanna know who's good at what? We've got you covered.

Rhea can help you level up in Sword, Brawl, Reason, and Faith skills.

Manuela can help you level up in Faith, Flying, and Sword skills.

Catherine can help you level up in Sword and Brawl skills.

Jeralt can help you level up in Lance, Authority, and Riding skills.

Shamir can help you level up in Lance and Bow skills.

Hanneman can help you level up in Bow, Reason and Riding skills.

Alois can help you level up in Axe, Heavy Armor, and Brawl skills.

Gilbert can help you level up in Lance, Heavy Amor, Riding, and Axe skills.

Seteth can help you level up in Axe, Authority, Flying, Sword, and Lance skills. 

Talking to your helpful colleagues and choosing to improve a skill via their tutelage can only be done in Explore mode. It will also cost you one Activity Point per interaction, so you should keep that in mind when you're weighing up the pros and cons of organizing your leisure days at the monastery in a particular way. That being said, they're still a good way to ensure that Byleth picks up a good variety of skills and ultimately becomes eligible for a wider range of classes in the game. Once you've had your fill of our Fire Emblem Three Houses faculty training guide, our Classes guide will help you narrow down the skills that you want to train up.