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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Edelgard Tea Party Guide

by Ginny Woo

Edelgard is apparently both the most popular and the most hated character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses according to a recent poll. Talk about getting a girl who can do both. If you want a chance with the polarizing princess of the Empire, though, then you’re going to have to meet some incredibly exacting standards; she’s royalty, after all. Don’t worry, though. We love a good Lady and the Tramp romance arc, so we’re here to help you out. Let our Fire Emblem Three Houses Edelgard tea party guide 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Edelgard Tea Party Guide

If you consider yourself a novice when it comes to taking someone out to tea, or in need of a refresher course on brunch etiquette, then we have a helpful Fire Emblem Three Houses tea guide which covers off conversation dos and don’ts, all the varieties of tea you need to fake being a connoisseur, and more. Since this guide itself is going to be about Edelgard and her incredibly high standards, we’re going to focus on her favorite tea, conversation topics that she likes, and how to make the most of the bonus round of conversation that you’ll have happily earned if you follow the rest of the guide.

Tea Party Flavor

We would definitely recommend either serving up a pot of Bergamot or the signature Hresvelg blend for a taste of home when it comes to Edelgard.

Tea Party Conversation Topics

We’ve got a full list of the different topics that will help you crack the Imperial Ice Queen’s facade as you verbally spar with her over some tea:

  • A new gambit
  • A strong battalion
  • A word of advice
  • Books you’ve read recently
  • Capable comrades
  • Cats
  • Classes you might enjoy
  • Close calls
  • Dreaming of lazy days
  • Equipment upkeep
  • Evaluating allies
  • Exploring the Monastery
  • Favorite sweets
  • Fodlan’s future
  • Gifts you’d like to recieve
  • Hopes for your future
  • I heard some gossip
  • I’m counting on you
  • Monastery mysteries
  • Monastery security
  • Our first meeting
  • Overcoming weaknesses
  • Past laughs
  • Plans for the future
  • Reliable allies
  • School days
  • School uniforms
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Thanks for everything
  • The existence of Crests
  • The ideal professor
  • The last battle
  • The Library’s collection
  • The opera
  • The view from the bridge
  • Things that bother you
  • Things you find romantic
  • You seem different
  • You’re doing great work
  • Your ambitions

Bonus Conversation Prompts

  • Concerning always being calm — Sigh, Disagree or Sip Tea
  • About being comfortable around you — Nod, Blush or Laugh
  • About being meticulous — Nod, Blush, or Disagree
  • At handing the Imperial Throne over — Praise, Commend, or Chat
  • Imagining a simple life — Laugh, Praise, or Sigh
  • Not telling Hubert — Laugh or Nod
  • At remembering the day that you both met — Nod or Blush
  • At being shown around Enbarr by Edelgard — Nod
  • At spending quiet moments with Byleth — Blush, Sip Tea, or Nod


Now that you’ve hyped yourself up and done all the necessary royal prep by reading our Fire Emblem Three Houses Edelgard tea party guide, you just have one last hurdle: getting your date away from Hubert before he catches on. You should have no trouble showing Edelgard a good time, considering all that the two of you have been through together already (even if you don’t pick the Black Eagles as your House), so our advice would be to just grit your teeth, slander the Church, and go for it. Fancy a goth gf instead? We have a Dorothea tea party guide that will get you in her good books.


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