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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Dark Bishop Guide

by Ginny Woo

When you’ve gotten a fair way through Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you’re probably going to come to the same conclusion that we did: the rare classes honestly just slap. They’re strong, and the ones unique to certain configurations are even better. If you want to be taking the strongest team of murder students into battle, you’re going to have to make sure that you’re making the most of special classes. Enter our Fire Emblem Three Houses Dark Bishop guide which will tell you what you need to become one, and why it packs a punch.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Dark Bishop Guide – Requirements

If you actually want to acquire this dark power, then we’ve got one important thing for you to know: the unit aspiring to Dark Bishopdom has to be male. Yeah, sorry, ladies get the pretty kickass Gremory class but they’re only handing out Dark Bishop hates to the dudes in Fire Emblem Three Houses. This makes people like Hubert and Linhardt prime candidates considering their magical affinity. 

To become a Dark Bishop, you need:

  • A Dark Seal
  • Reason at Grade A or above
  • Dark Mage
  • Level 20 or higher

We’ve actually got a separate guide on how to get a Dark Seal, since Dark Bishop isn’t the only class that you need it for, so give that a quick squizz if you’re wanting a more in-depth rundown. Otherwise, the TLDR of it all is that you have to take down the Death Knight when you encounter his shady self. This can happen at 4 separate points in the game, but as your murder students get stronger, so will he. For that particular reason, we’d want to kneecap him as early on as possible. You can find him in the Holy Tomb if you’re particularly pressed, and that’s as good a place as any to focus him down even though it’s an optional encounter at its core.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Dark Bishop Guide – Perks

When you upskill into being a Dark Bishop, some of your stat improvements will include:

  • +2 MAG
  • +1 DEX
  • +2 RES

You’ll also get skill experience bonuses for Reason and Faith as a Dark Bishop, along with the Miasma Delta spell. If you already know Miasma Delta, then you can cast it twice as often. You’ll also acquire Heartseeker — enemies next to you get -20 AVO, and Fiendish Blow — if you kick combat off, you get +6 MAG. You also pick up the very useful Lifetaker mastery, which will let you recover HP up to half of the damage that you dealt when you take down a foe. 

As you can see, the Fire Emblem Three Houses Dark Bishop class is particularly powerful, and not only because it absolutely goes off once you start getting into the hang of dispatching enemies with your magic. Lifetaker is one of the best passives in the game, and this class packs a hell of a punch even when compared to its Faith counterpart. Need a guide to unlocking some Hero relics? Check out our tips on getting the Thrysus staff.


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