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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Certification Guide — Beginner Classes and Tips

by Ginny Woo

An important part of being the best Professor that you can be in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is making sure that both you and your students are making the most of the game’s Class system. In order for your squad to specialize, they’re going to have to take Certification exams when certain skills are of a high enough level. While the meta reason for this is simply playing to each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, we know there are some of you out there on the min-max train who are going to be taking this incredibly seriously. Check out our Fire Emblem Three Houses Certification guide for an explanation on how these class exams work, and for a run-down of the available Beginner classes. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Certification Guide — Certification Exam Tips

The Certification exams in Fire Emblem Three Houses are how you change the classes of all your characters, including Byleth. There’s a lot of unit freedom in the latest Fire Emblem game, which essentially means that every character can take on any class Certification exam, even if they don’t necessarily meet all the skill requirements. While the chance of your chosen student succeeding in their Certification exam goes up if they’ve got the right skills leveled up appropriately, it’s still a sliding scale of success so you’re free to risk it for the biscuit if you only have a 60% pass rate. Leave it up to RNG!

This one might go without saying, but generally, certification exams for the various classes are doled out at various levels. Beginner Certification exams can be taken from Level 5, Intermediate ones from Level 10, Advanced ones from Level 15, and Master exams from Level 20. You’ll have to keep not only these soft level caps in mind but also the various skills required for leveling up. As with tiers in this game, the higher they are the more powerful the bonuses and abilities each character can access. For an easy way to keep your goals on target for a specific class exam, make sure to check the Certifications tab when you have a free day. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Certification Guide — Beginner Classes

Check out the Beginner classes available for various characters in the Fire Emblem Three Houses Certification list. As mentioned, any of your students (including the main character) can take these Exams once they hit level 5. We’ve also listed each Certification class’ requirements so you can make sure that you’re leveling up the right skills.

Myrmidon — Sword skill at D or higher, 1 x Beginner Seal

Soldier — Lance skill at D or higher, 1 x Beginner Seal

Fighter — either Axe, Bow, or Brawl at D or higher, 1 x Beginner Seal

Monk — either Reason or Faith at D or higher, 1 x Beginner Seal

As you can see, you’re going to require a Beginner Seal each time you want a character to take a Beginner Certification exam. The same goes for all the other Fire Emblem Three Houses Certification tiers — an Intermediate exam requires an Intermediate Seal, a Master exam requires a Master Seal, so on and so forth. Now that you’ve got a guide to how to get stuck into these pesky class exams, go forth and build the perfect team of student warriors!

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