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Fire Emblem Engage: Should You Gift Horse Manure?


by Lucas White

Believe it or not, there’s a time-honored tradition in RPGs and that tradition is horse shit. Literally. From Dragon Quest and on, there’s some form of horse manure that can make its way into your inventory. Usually it’s a gag item that’s completely worthless, doing nothing but taking up inventory space for a laugh. But in Fire Emblem Engage, horse manure is considered… a gift item? Are there any characters in Fire Emblem Engage who actually appreciate being given a bushel of road apples? Let’s find out.

Fire Emblem Engage: Should You Gift Horse Manure?

According to our friends at Siliconera, there is in fact no practical benefit to horse manure as a gift. Other random gift items such as shiny pebbles will still give you Support points, but no, horse manure has not ascended the role of gag item in Fire Emblem Engage. The gift categorization is simply an unexpected layer to this genre-wide bit.

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That said, it’s probably still worth your time to hand these special items to each of your army recruits at least once. You get some funny dialogue for your troubles, and there’s nothing better than your waifu or husbando of choice trying to be friendly despite definitely being some combination of confused and traumatized. But yeah, other than a laugh or two, you don’t actually need to bother using the horse manure you pick up.

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