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Fire Emblem Engage: Caring for Sommie and the Benefits

Maybe this is why I’m not allowed to have a dog yet…

by Jordan Lemons

Plue, is that you? All jokes aside, after ticking off the many boxes in ‘How many anime tropes can Fire Emblem Engage fill?’ Bingo Card, finding a random pet that looks like something Hiro Mashima would have designed was one that I wasn’t quite expecting. Shortly after becoming used to the ongoings around Somniel, a strange creature comes across the shrine that you pass from day to day when collecting the shiny valuables around the island. MC recalls that there is some familiarity with this creature and thus, you adopt a little puppy-cat creature, Sommie.

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In retrospect, there are a dozen more creative liberties I could have taken when choosing a nickname, but it was my first run-through of the game and I am very basic. After adopting Sommie, you are allowed to change their name and be much more creative than I, but they do become a task you can attend to when running around your island and completing errands.  Here’s our Fire Emblem Engage guide on caring for Sommie and the benefits for doing so.

Fire Emblem Engage: Caring for Sommie and the Benefits

You’ll probably have noticed that Sommie comes with a happiness gauge or love gauge when you tend to them. Feeding them food that isn’t just wheat flour (I had to test if it could go down, alright) and giving this good boy (girl?) lots of pets, you’ll be awarded with the love gauge increasing as well as with Bond Fragments. Eventually, with enough love, Sommie will actually follow you around the island and no matter how far you get, they’ll find the best path to try and get to you. They are adorable in every right, but do they actually have any purpose once the gauge is filled?

It is worth seeking out Sommie every time you return to Somniel in order to farm some free Bond Fragments. These can become increasingly valuable as the game progresses, so building up your collection now is a great start. You’ll likely have to pick up shiny items around Sommie’s shrine, so you might as well visit your good Plue. You’ll also find that tasks around the island may become a little bit easier or at least in retrospect, harder to fail. 

You’ll notice that occasionally during Training and Fishing, there are times you’re inquired if you’d like Sommie’s help. During your minigames, Sommie will Assist you to ensure that you do not fail the task. This can save you from a Bad Rating when Training and makes sure you can continue to achieve the maximum amount of boosts you can from working out. As well as help nab that fish quicker and not lose it.

Lastly, Sommie is a creature that you will need to upkeep. His gauge can go down even though he will still Assist you in your tasks for a while. Occasionally, make a good habit of checking in on Sommie at his alter to make sure that he is still happy and feeling loved.

While not entirely sure that this thing will turn into a fearsome dragon to save your life just yet, stay tuned with us as we try to figure out how many anime tropes we can mark off in the first play-through of Fire Emblem Engage.

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