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Final Fantasy XIV Seasonal Event Guide: Valentione’s Day 2021

by Lucas White

It’s that time of year, when videogames awkwardly try to represent Valentine’s Day. Final Fantasy XIV typically does fun, little seasonal events that take real holidays and modify them to fit the game’s world.

In this case it’s Valentione’s Day, and this year’s heart-filled romp nets you some special moogle-themed items.

Final Fantasy XIV Seasonal Event Guide: Valentione’s Day 2021

To start Valentione’s Day, you need to get over to Mih Khetto’s Ampitheatre down in Old Gridania. You’ll see the quest marker right in the middle of it on your map.

After taking a gander at all the decorations (they’re different in each major area!), talk to Lisette de Valentione.

Lisette introduces Kupka Kupp, a Moogle with a heart-shaped pom-pom who likes to brag about his mastery of love.

You’ve been called upon because a girl named Elyne sent out a letter with your name on it. So it’s up to you to roll out to La Noscea to see what’s up.

You’ll find Kupka Kupp and Elyne over in Middle La Noscea (X: 18.3, Y: 19.3). Talking to him will introduce Elyne and her dream to become an adventurer. From there you’ll need to speak to Elyne again in the East Shroud (X: 9.3, Y: 23.4), then examine a spot by the Airship counter on the floor beneath the Adventurer’s Guild.

Luckily this time you’ll be taken to the next area instead of having to teleport. Now in Ul’dah, all you need to do is walk up to the lift attendant and ride to the Ruby Road Exchange, where you’ll see more decorations and a new NPC to speak with.

Elyne receives her first task as an adventurer, and the fastest way to the next point is taking the Aethernet Shard to the Alchemist’s Guild. 

The rest of the story is pretty touching, so I won’t get into what happens. But Valentione’s Day 2021 is definitely a step above many of the other seasonal events I’ve personally seen through.

Once you wrap things up you’ll receive a silly hat as a reward. The new seasonal item is a Lovely Moogle Cap. If you go back to the Amphitheatre in Old Gridania, you can also purchase a Stuffed Kupka Kupp tabletop decoration after finishing the questline.

If you need to rebuy anything from past events, you can talk to the Recompense Officer as usual. But if you weren’t around for previous years and want to check out what you missed, you’ll have to check out the real money Mog Station Optional Item shop.

At least a lot of that stuff is on sale! Right? Wait, how much is that motorcycle???



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