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Final Fantasy VII Remake Materia Guide

by Liana Ruppert

Materia is essential when it comes to the Final Fantasy VII Remake combat system, and it’s because of that importance that players may be looking for a little help when it comes to these colorful orbs. Materia works for spells, summons, and special abilities, so without further adieu, here’s our Final Fantasy VII Remake Materia guide!   

Final Fantasy VII Remake Materia Guide

First things first, what even is Materia? For those that may be new to the Final Fantasy journey, Materia is an equippable portion of the game that serves as Summons, Abilities, and Spells for players to use to increase their combat effectiveness. It’s important to equip as many Materia orbs as possible, as soon as possible, because they are the key to mastering the art of combat throughout the game’s progression. 

Each weapon and gear has a certain mount of slots that Materia can be applied to, usually only holding one to two Materia. Slotting two Materia together also has interesting side effects, especially when dealing with Support (yellow) when upgrading gear.

Killing enemies with Materia equipped makes it easier to level up each piece players may have equipped, which means better damage, better potency, and more effective means at staring down any enemy whether it’s a casual foe or an epic boss. Here’s what you need to know about the different Materia types: 

Materia Types

There are five categories of Materia that players will need to hone in on, including Magic, which is green, Command, which is yellow, Support, which is blue, Complete, which is purple, and Summoning, which is red. We recommend equipping all characters with healing spells as well to make sure that everyone can act in a support manner when needed, you never know when that aid could come in handy. 

Magic Materia 

  • Fire > Fira > Firaga 
  • Lightning > Thunder > Thundara > Thundaga
  • Ice > Blizzard > Bizzara > Bizzaga 
  • Wind > Aero > Aerora > Aeroga 
  • Healing > Cure > Cura > Regen > Curaga
  • Revival > Raise > Arise
  • Barrier > Manaward > Manawall
  • Binding > Sleep > Silence > Beserk
  • Subversion > Breach > Dispel
  • Time > Haste > Slow > Stop 
  • Poison > Bio > Biora > Bioga
  • Cleansing > Poisona > Esuna > Resist 

Leveling these spell types makes them the strongest part of combat, making it easy to counter enemy strengths while obliterating their weakness through evolved leveling through Materia, which is a big reason why this is such a crucial aspect of the game that should not be overlooked. 

Command Materia 

  • Chakra, restores HP and cures poison
  • Assess, enemy intel including weaknesses
  • Prayer, restores party’s HP
  • Steal, steals items and gil from enemies
  • ATB Boost, doubles ATB when active
  • Enemy Skill, helps to allow players to learn more about enemy techniques

Support Materia 

  • AP Up, increases AP with linked Materia
  • MP Absorption, recovers MP while attacking
  • Pedometer, 5000 steps = AP up
  • Elemental, works with Fire, Lightning, Ice, and Wind
  • Magnify, increases range of spells
  • Warding, allows resistance while working with Time, Bind, Subversion, and Poison 
  • Synergy, allies will follow leader’s attack
  • HP Absorption, recovers HP while attacking
  • AP Up, increases AP with linked Materia
  • MP Absorption, recovers MP while attacking
  • Pedometer, 5000 steps = AP up

Unique Materia 

  • HP,  MP, Magic, Gil, Luck, Exp Up
  • Parry, guards against attacks
  • Deadly Dodge, AOE attack following dodge
  • Item Master, increases item effectiveness
  • First Strike, increases ATB guage
  • Auto-Cure, cures allies x amount of times
  • ATB Assist, 2x ATB increase
  • ATB Stagger, stagger boosts ATB
  • Refocus, uses Refocus limit break
  • Provoke, pulls enemy focus
  • Skill Master, small ATB buffs with chain ATB commands
  • Steadfast Block, decreases damage while filling ATB following successful guard

Materia is important and we hope this Final Fantasy VII Remake Materia guide helps to understand exactly how vital this aspect of the game truly is. We will have a full location guide soon, so be sure to keep it tuned into our Game Hub here for more news, tips, and tricks, for all things Final Fantasy VII the remake! You can also scoop up a copy of the game for yourself right here with this link while helping to support Prima Games at the same time! Happy gaming! 

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