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Final Fantasy VII Remake Level Cap Guide

by Nicholas Barth

There are plenty of players who are now enjoying the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The classic RPG has returned with an in-depth and satisfying leveling system that will allow players to make their characters as powerful as they can be. However, there is a specific level cap that players will hit and will not be able to pass until it is officially raised. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about this level cap covered for you. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake Level Cap

Now, it is essential to note that you will likely not hit this mark in your first playthrough considering and will need to head into a second playthrough on a harder difficulty to reach the level cap in the game. This is why you should not get discouraged or confused if you have not reached the highest rank in the game by the time you have defeated the final boss of the popular title. 

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Level Cap

You will find that the official level cap for the game is 50, which players are more than likely to reach during their second playthrough. The rate at which you will achieve this mark will depend on how you go through the game’s content. Individuals who perform a lot of the title’s sidequests during their playthroughs will reach a higher leveling mark than those who do not focus on any of the side quests and go through the game’s primary story campaign as fast as possible. 

There is no right way to reach the level cap, as players should play the way they have the most fun. However, taking your time and performing more optional pieces of content in your first playthrough will make you be a much higher level for when you start your second playthrough compared to just doing the main story of the game in your first playthrough. 

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