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Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle Intel Reports Guide

by Nicholas Barth

Players who dive into the fascinating world of the Final Fantasy VII Remake have a variety of different things they can do to obtain some handy items. Battle Intel Reports are some of the most important of these activities, as they provide you with powerful materia that can be used to turn the tide of a battle in your favor. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the Battle Intel Reports and their rewards covered for you!

Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle Intel Reports

There are a total of 20 Battle Intel Reports that players can complete when they are enjoying the exciting world of this entry in the iconic franchise. 

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You can find all of the Battle Intel Reports and their rewards for the Final Fantasy VII Remake below:

Monster Bio Pt.1

The first one that players will come across requires you to assess two enemy types. You will get the Auto-Cure materia for completing this task. Players will be able to achieve this entry of the Battle Intel Reports by using the Assess Materia to scan enemies during a battle, which can be found in the Materia and Equipment section of the main menu.

Magic Elements Pt. 1

Players will need to hit enemies vulnerable to fire, ice, or lighting using the magic attribute they are weakest against when it comes to the three required ones to complete this one. Your reward will be a Wind Materia. The Assess Materia can be sued for this one as well to see which magic type your enemy is weakest against when fighting.

The Stagger Effect Pt. 1

This particular entry of the Battle Intel Reports asks players to use unique abilities on staggered enemies and to charge the ATB gauge a total of 10 times. A reward of a First Strike Materia will be given to you upon completion of this task. Make sure to use the triangle button, as the unique abilities performed by this input for each character are what is required for you to fill the ATB Gauge correctly. 

The Stagger Effect Pt. 2

Now, players will need to stagger a total of 15 different enemy types. Your reward for the completion of this task will be an ATB Boost Materia. Staggering occurs when you have dealt a certain amount of damage to an enemy during battle.

Combat Simulation: Shiva

Players will find this entry of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle Intel Reports once they have completed the first four. Chadley will present you with a VR mission that tasks you with defeating Shiva. Players will obtain the Shiva Summoning Materia following their defeat of this character.

Monster Bio Pt. 2

Individuals will need to assess a total of 10 enemy types in the same way they did for the entry of the Battle Intel Reports. A reward of Steadfast Block Materia will be presented to the player when they complete this task.

Magic Elements Pt. 2

This one asks players to exploit the weakness of 15 enemy types. A steal Materia will be a reward for players who complete this task. Use the Assess Materia to find which weakness each enemy type you encounter. 

The Manipulation Technique

Defeating two or more enemies with a single attack will complete this one for players. A provoke Materia will be provided to players upon completion. 

Monster Variants Pt.1

Our 9th entry in the Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle Intel Reports asks you to defeat monsters of 3 different varieties, which can be completed through your playthrough of the game without any additional work. A Synergy Materia is your reward for Monster Variants Pt.1. 

Combat Simulation: Fat Chocobo

Completing the first nine Battle Intel Reports will allow you to take on the VR boss fight against the Fat Chocobo. A Fat Chocobo Materia will be rewarded when this boss is defeated.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle Intel Reports

Monster Bio Pt. 3

Assess 20 enemy types like you did in the first two Monster Bio parts to acquire the Item Master Materia.

The Stagger Effect Pt. 3

Players will need to increase their stagger damage bonus to 200% to gain the Parry Materia. Tifa’s triangle input attacks are your best bet to completing this entry of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle Intel Reports.

Refocus Analysis

Trigger Refocus two times to acquire the ATB assist Materia. Players will need to have the Refocus Materia equipped to complete this task, which is the starting Materia for Aerith. 

The Stagger Effect Pt. 4

Stagger 40 enemy types like you have done before to earn the ATB Stagger Materia.

Combat Simulation: Leviathan

Defeat the VR Leviathan boss to get the Leviathan Summoning Materia reward.

Monster Bio Pt. 4

Assess 30 enemy types to acquire the Enemy Skill Materia and complete the 16th entry of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle Intel Reports. 

Weapon Abilities

Players will need to acquire all 16 weapon abilities in the game. A reward of the Skill Master Materia will then be presented to you.

MP Consumption

Master all 12 types of all magic material, and you will earn the MP Absorption Materia. Make sure to have them equipped during battles, and experience will be granted towards them when you complete a fight without even having to sue them.

Monster Variants Pt. 2

Defeat 10 different monster varieties to get the HP Absorption Materia for your inventory. 

Combat Simulation: Bahamut

Takedown the Bahamut VR boss that unlocks after the 19 above Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle Intel Reports is completed to obtain the Bahamut Materia.

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