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Final Fantasy Explorers – Unlock All Jobs, Weapons, Skills and Abilities

by Bryan Dawson

Final Fantasy Explorers borrows quite a bit from Monster Hunter, but the job system is far more reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics. There are over 20 jobs featured in the game and you can outfit each one of them with gear sets and abilities. This wide variety in jobs can make it difficult to determine which jobs you want to play and which you should focus on gearing up more so than others. We’ve compiled a list of all the jobs, their weapons and abilities and a few useful tips to help you make that decision.

Job Abilities

While there are a wide variety of jobs and abilities available in Final Fantasy Explorers, and you can use almost any ability with any job, the cost of an ability will vary. To determine how many abilities you can equip, each ability costs a certain amount of Crystal Points (CP). The amount of CP is determined by the job and the ability you’ve paired together. For example, an ability such as Fire would cost less CP for a Black Mage than it would for a Monk, while Counter would cost less for the Monk than it would for the Black Mage. Keep this in mind when determining which abilities you wish to equip to your jobs.

There are some unique abilities that can only be used by a specific job. If you wish to use these unique abilities you will have to play as the required job as they cannot be used by any other job. If there are any unique abilities that you heavily favor, it’s recommended that you start with that job and add additional abilities that are not unique until you have the build you desire.

Job Chart

Job Weapon Unique Skill Passive Skill Unlock Method
Alchemist Book or Gun Any Items used for 5 seconds is not consumed. Increased Item Effect Geomancer and Alchemist Test
Bard Book, Cane or Instrument Sing – Grant Various Buffs Reduced Monster Malice Ninja and Bard Test
Beastmaster Axe or Club Appease – Increases Monster Soul Drop Rate Increased Monster Helper Stats Create 20 Monsters
Black Mage Book or Rod Barrier – Damage Reduces AP Instead of HP Lower AP Consumption Ability Boost Operation Test
Blue Mage Cane or Dagger Enter Counterattack Stance for 10 seconds. Learn Magic from Enemies Kill 750 Monsters
Dark Knight Axe, Sickle or Sword Darkness – Sacrifice HP to Increase Damage Output Increase Weapon and Ability Damage Defeat 500 Monsters
Dragoon Club or Spear Jump – Strong, Delayed Area of Effect Attack Attacks Absorb HP and AP Dragoon and Sage Test
Freelancer All N/A N/A N/A
Geomancer Bell or Club Trap – Stops Enemies Raise Stats Based on Terrain Geomancer and Alchemist Test
Knight Heavy Shield and Sword Provoke – Increases Monster Malice Enhanced Shield Evasion and Monster Malice Ability Boost Operation Test
Machinist Cannon, Gun or Fighting Drive – Reduces Ability Cooldowns Increases Trance Rate Obtain the 150,000 CP Achievement
Monk Fist Accumulate – Increase Physical Attack Power Not Impacted by Weak Attacks Ability Boost Operation Test
Ninja Fist, Ninja Sword or Sword Utsusemi – Evade and Counter Attacks Lower Dash AP Cost Ninja and Bard Test
Paladin Heavy Shield and Sword Protect – Attacks Toward Nearby Allies Reduce Your AP Lower Abnormal Status and Increased Monster Malice Craft 100 Unique Pieces of Equipment
Ranger Axe or Bow Aim – Increased Critical and Bbnormal Status Increased Attack Range Ability Boost Operation Test
Red Mage Cane, Dagger or Sword Shortens cast time of magic spells for 30 seconds. Increased Damage at Lower AP Learn the Abilities: Curaga, Firaga and Graviga
Sage Books Accumulate – Increase Magic Attack Power Lower AP Consumption Dragoon and Sage Test
Samurai Bow, Spear or Sword Iaido – Powerful Charged Attack Lower Weapon Skill Cooldown Craft 150 Unique Pieces of Equipment
Thief Dagger or Spear Steal Increased Rare Drop Rate Thief and Time Mage Test
Time Mage Book or Rod Kronos – Extended Duration of Buffs and Enfeebles Lower Magic Spell Cooldown Thief and Time Mage Test
White Mage Book or Cane Prayer – Area of Effect Heal Lower Monster Malice, Increased Recovery Magic Range Ability Boost Operation Test

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