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Final Fantasy Explorers – Unique Ability Guide, All Jobs

by Bryan Dawson

There are over 20 jobs available in Final Fantasy Explorers, and a plethora of skills to go along with those jobs. Some of the skills in the game are unique and can only be used with a specific job. These unique abilities help define each of the different jobs in the game. Knowing what these abilities are and how best to use them can help a great deal during combat.


Unique Ability – Alchemy

The Alchemist unique ability should only be used when you have a few great items that you’re ready to use on your party. It can only be used once every 180 seconds, but for a 5-second period it allows you to use items without depleting your inventory. This is especially useful for rare items or items that you have a limited supply in your inventory.


Unique Ability – Sing

The Bard has a wide array of songs available that each have different effects on the party. Hold down the button to charge the ability and access the Bard’s song selection to determine which effect you want at the desired time. With so many different options, you should be using this ability every 40 seconds when it becomes available.


Unique Ability – Tame

Every 15 seconds you can use Tame, which increases the chances a monster will drop atmalith. These allow you to create a monster pet that will assist you in battle. If Tame kills the monster they will always drop an atmalith, so try to time the ability so it’s the last hit in order to guarantee the atmalith drop.

Black Mage

Unique Ability – Barrier

This unique ability should only be used in dire situations. It costs 300 AP and has a 60 second cooldown, but it creates a barrier that nullifies all damage. The barrier lasts until its durability drops to zero, which is determined by the maximum amount of AP your Black Mage has. This can be extremely helpful if your party is in trouble, but it uses a lot of resources so plan your defense accordingly.

Blue Mage

Unique Ability – Premeditation

Every 10 seconds you can enter the Premeditation stance that allows the Blue Mage to nullify an attack, while increasing their physical attack and magical recovery. This is an important ability to use if you’re getting attacked by an enemy to prevent damage and should be used often in combat situations.

Dark Knight

Unique Ability – Darkness

The Darkness ability sacrifices health of the Dark Knight in exchange for higher attack power. If you have a good healer or tank, you should use this ability often. It also steals the physical attack and defense of the enemy, which can be a huge benefit to the Dark Knight. Be careful if you’re currently getting attacked as this can lead to a quick death when used at the wrong time.


Unique Ability – Jump

The traditional Dragoon ability returns in Final Fantasy Explorers and acts exactly the same as it always has. When Jump is used the Dragoon jumps high into the air, allowing them to avoid all attack before inflicting damage to the desired target. Use them whenever you expect a damaging attack or as often as possible against lesser enemies.


Unique Ability – Trap

The Geomancer’s ability, Trap, is an Earth element ability that applies Stop to a monster and inflicts damage. The trap needs to be laid out so the monster walks over it, otherwise you won’t get the effects of the trap. Luckily you can use Trap once every 12 seconds, so if you misplace a trap you can still use it again after a short time.


Unique Ability – Provoke

Knight is one of the main tanking jobs in the game, which makes Provoke a very important tool. It generates a significant amount of Monster Malice so the Knight can keep the attention of the monster away from other party members. You should use this every 15 seconds when it’s available.


Unique Ability – Drive

Drive is a great ability to use after your party members have used their best abilities. It reduces the AP cost and cooldowns of abilities, meaning you can use abilities more frequently and at a faster rate. Depending on your party composition this can mean a lot more damage or support skills during a battle.


Unique Ability – Boost

Monk can be a powerhouse in the right hands, and Boost is a big reason for that. The longer your charge up Boost the more damage the Monk’s physical attacks will inflict. You can use this ability every 10 seconds, which can lead to a lot of damage of the course of longer battles.


Unique Ability – Utsusemi

The Ninja unique ability allows the character to create a mirror image that enemies are forced to attack. In short, it allows the Ninja to evade any attack. It can be used once every 17 seconds, making it extremely beneficial, especially against enemies with very power attacks. Use it when you expect a power attack or when your health is low and you need to survive.


Unique Ability – Cover

As one of the main tanking jobs in Final Fantasy Explorers, Cover is essential to keeping your party alive in dire situations. It creates a barrier that nullifies attacks toward you and your party. The duration can be extended at the cost of additional AP if you have it available. You can use this ability once every 15 seconds, but generally speaking you should wait until your party has low health or is about to get hit by a damaging attack.


Unique Ability – Precision

Precision is an ability that should be used every 20 seconds when it’s available. It essentially makes the Ranger better in every way. It increases your critical hit rate, accuracy and ailment infliction rate. You can hold down the attack button to increase the effect. Use this before any of your more important attack abilities to maximize the effect.

Red Mage

Unique Ability – Chainspell

One of the trademark Red Mage abilities returns with Chainspell. It reduces the cooldown of your spells allowing the Red Mage to cast them in rapid succession. Use this every 30 seconds so long as you have the necessary resources to inflict as much damage as possible toward the enemy (or support the party as much as possible).


Unique Ability – Concentrate

Concentrate allows the Sage to increase the potency of their magic, potentially widening the area of effect depending on the spell cast. If you charge the ability it increases the duration of Concentrate. Use this before unleashing your best magic spells.


Unique Ability – Iaido

A Samurai is all about inflicting as much damage as possible, and their unique ability goes right along with that. It’s a very damaging attack that can be charged to inflict even more damage. Use this as often as possible to inflict as much damage as you can to each enemy.


Unique Ability – Steal

The traditional Thief ability returns in Final Fantasy Explorers with Steal. You can use this ability once every 10 seconds, but keep in mind this only allows the Thief to steal one item from each enemy. If you’ve already stolen an item from an enemy, you don’t need to use this ability a second time during the same battle.

Time Mage

Unique Ability – Chronos

As you might expect from a Time Mage, their unique ability is Chronos, which extends the duration of buffs on party members, while lowering the duration of debuffs (enfeebling effects). It can only be used once every 80 seconds, which means you should wait until all of the buffs your party can use have been applied. Once this happens, use Chronos to extend their duration. Likewise, if your party gets hit with an especially damaging enfeeble, use Chronos to cut the duration as much as possible.

White Mage

Unique Ability – Beseech

The unique ability of Beseech makes the White Mage more of a support class instead of a raw healer. This ability creates an area of effect that recovers Ability Points for any ally in the area. Ability Points are key to using abilities, which makes this unique ability extremely valuable in combat. You can only use it once every 30 seconds, so wait until your party is relatively low on AP before you use the ability.

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