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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Best Exploration Tips

by Bryan Dawson

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a mobile title from Square Enix that plays very similar to classic RPGs of old, and this guide full of tips should help you take full advantage of the game systems within the mobile app. Many of the newer Final Fantasy games have moved away from the traditional elements of the genre from many years ago. Some of these tips may seem obvious, but others may help even seasoned RPG veterans.

Explore Shops

Like most role-playing games, when you reach a new town it’s always a good idea to explore every shop you can. Even if you don’t have the money or need for the items you find, when you do have the need you know where to go to find the items you desire. At the very least you’ll find armor and weapons that are better than what you’re currently using, and those kind of upgrades will always come in handy.

You have quite a few people in your party throughout most of the game, and they all need armor and weapons. Go through each character and see where you can improve their gear, then head to the local shop and see what they have to offer. If you don’t have enough money for everything you want, prioritize with the rare characters coming first.

To make a bit more money you can sell some of your characters. If you don’t see any use for a character or they just don’t fit into your party, you can sell them for gil, then use that money to buy new equipment. Don’t sell rare characters, but you’ll come across characters such as the Gil Tortoise who is essentially in the game for you to sell.

Fully Explore Areas

Speak with all of the villagers in any given town. This will allow you to start side quests which will reward you with special gear and other items that aren’t generally found in the shops. It’s even possible to get special crafting recipes for new gear or even spells. In some rare instances you’ll even learn how to synthesize new characters.

Once you’ve completed all of the story-based battles in an area, don’t just move on to the next area. Stick around for the exploration zone and look around town to find various crafting items and other loot. You can except the exploration quest for the area and go treasure hunting for even more rewards. Keep in mind if you quit the exploration quest you will lose anything you’ve collected during the quest, so don’t start it unless you have the time to complete the quest.

Add Your Friends

In the old days role-playing games were not social events. There were no massively multiplayer online RPGs, but times have changed considerably. In Final Fantasy Brave Exvius adding friends has a few benefits. Most importantly you can add your friend’s leaders to your party, but you can also send and receive gifts. You never know what kind of items you might receive as a gift.

Focus on Trophies

On the PlayStation getting trophies is more of a visual reward for your accomplishments. However, in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius trophies can actually give you free characters, gil, Lapis, crafting items and more. Keep an eye on the trophies section in the game and see what you need to do to earn a few trophies. Many of them don’t even require you to go that far out of your way to earn the rewards.

Awakening and Enhancing

The more rare a character is the better they are. However, you can make characters even better through the awakening and enhancing system. To enhance a character you have to sacrifice another character. Generally speaking you don’t want the sacrifice to be a rare character. Choose a character that you don’t have much use for. You’ll even come across characters that are specifically meant to be used for the enhancing system such as the Metal Cactuar.

When a character reaches the maximum level you can spend some gil and other materials to awaken them. While this resets the character back to level one, it also increases their rarity level by one star. The increases rarity means they are considerably stronger than they were before. Of course you don’t want to awaken every character, but if you can make a strong character even stronger it can go a long way in late game battles.

Dimensional Vortex

You can earn additional rewards from the Dimensional Vortex. Early in the game you’ll reach the Farplane, which is where the Dimensional Vortex is located. The dungeons in the Dimensional Vortex can only be played through for a limited amount of time or a certain number of times per day. Completing these dungeons will reward you with a lot of experience points and gil, but you can also receive crafting materials and other rewards. You can even turn on notifications so the game lets you know when new dungeons are available to run through.

We’ll have more on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius in the coming weeks, but for now you can check out our combat tips to help you make it through battles.

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