Final Fantasy 16: How to Get Medals of Valor (FFXVI)

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Medal of Valor Final Fantasy 16
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Final Fantasy XVI has a fair share of items for Clive to collect throughout his journey, but there aren’t many that are more prestigious than the Medal of Valor. Anyone who wants to collect these will have to put in some extra work, and you may need to retry some boss fights in the process.

How to Get Medals of Valor in Final Fantasy 16

Medals of Valor are earned by defeating major bosses without taking any damage in Final Fantasy XVI. Before you start taking on any boss you find though, it won’t be possible to earn them from every fight. Some of the initial fights in FFXVI won’t reward you with any medals, regardless of how well you do in the battle.

The first boss where a Medal of Valor is possible is the Midnight Raven. This boss won’t show up until you leave the main hub with Cid, so you have plenty of time before reaching this fight. Another boss that has a guaranteed track to the Medal of Valor is Garuda. As you move along in FFXVI, Garuda is the first major fight against a Dominant. With that in mind, any fight against a Dominant should have the possibility for a Medal of Valor.

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If you truly want to go after one of the medals in Final Fantasy 16, I would recommend using the replay option within the game. Any time you complete a full level, you will have the option to replay it and take on the same bosses once again. This gives you the chance to learn the boss fights and make it through without taking any damage.

To help you get a headstart, I recommend using a much more powerful sword as the game begins. Here is a guide on how to get the Braveheart weapon in Final Fantasy 16.

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