Final Fantasy 16: Dread Comet Hunt Location and Rewards (FF16)

The nightmare bird returns

Final Fantasy veterans will be well acquainted with the scarlet plumage of the Red Chocobo. They’ve been a part of the game since its very early years, but its reputation began in Final Fantasy 7 when players could spawn and kill a power-level 99 Chocobo. This Chocobo would constantly spam Choco Comet, and this legacy continues in Final Fantasy 16. So, here’s how to find Dread Comet and all the rewards you get for defeating it.

Final Fantasy 16: Dread Comet Hunt Location and Rewards (FF16)

The Dread Chocobo, with its bright red feathers, is a nod to the infernal bird that’s haunted many veteran players’ dreams. And now it’s made its vicious return in Final Fantasy 16. To find this Rank-A mark, here’s what you’ll need to do.

  • Select Southwestern Dhalmekia on the world map (The Jaw).
  • Go to The Sickle and take the first right turn towards The Fields of Corava.

From the world map, select the bottommost waypoint beneath The Hideaway. Select The Jaw obelisk.

Southwestern Dhalkmekia | Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you’ve loaded in, jump on your Chocobo and go straight until you see a path fork right. Take this path, and you’ll be in The Sickle. Follow the Sickle, bypassing the first right turn. Take the second, and you’ll find the Dread Comet in the open area between The Sickle and The Fields of Corava.

Dread Comet location
Dread Comet location | Screenshot by Prima Games

You’ll see Dread Comet almost immediately, and it will be level 38. Dread Comet, like its predecessors, knows Choco Meteor and Kick. Choco Meteor sends a series of meteors crashing to the ground, which will have a splash area of effect damage. To avoid it, dodge or simply run out of the orange circle before it can damage you. The kick move is very obvious, as Dread Comet will rear up, wings back, giving you plenty of time to sidestep it.

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Rewards for Defeating Dread Comet in Final Fantasy 16

Upon defeat, Dread Comet will give the following rewards:

  • Comet Feather (exclusive crafting material)
  • 5,300 Experience
  • 90 Ability points
  • 13,000 Gold
  • 30 Renown

The Fields of Corava is one of the most Notorious Mark-heavy areas in the game. While you’re here, why not bring down another one? Check out our guide on how to find it here: The Ten of Clubs Hunt Location & Rewards in Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI).

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