Final Fantasy 15 – Post Game Content, End Game Quests

We’ve collected the endgame content you can get into once you complete Final Fantasy 15.

When you complete the main story in Final Fantasy 15, that isn’t the end of the road. Players who load up their final save file will find that there’s plenty of Final Fantasy post-game content to keep them busy. In fact, the Final Fantasy 15 end game content is considered by many to be far more difficult than the main game. In this article we cover some of the Final Fantasy 15 end game content so you know where to go after the story comes to an end.

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Speak with Umbra

Final Fantasy 15 Umbra

Once you load up your game after completing the main story, you’ll need to speak with Umbra (the dog). Just head to any place where you can stay and simply call Umbra. This allows Noctis and his crew to head back to the open world. You can also use Umbra to return to Altissia as well if you need to do that at some point in the future.

Complete Side Dungeons

There are plenty of optional dungeons that are not required to complete the main story. However, if you want access to a good amount of post game content, you will need to make sure you have defeated the main boss in ever dungeon, including the optional ones listed below:

  • Balouve Mines
  • Costlemark Tower
  • Crestholm Channels
  • Daurell Caverns.

You can find Balouve Mine in southern Leide, near Saulhend Pass. Costlemark Tower is located near Fallgrove and only becomes available at night. Crestholm Channels can be found near Insomnia, while Daurell Caverns is located near the Causcherry Plains in southern Duscae. We’ve already covered how to defeat the final boss of Balouve Mine in case you’re having difficulties there.

Completing all of the side dungeons in the main game also allows you to complete a quest that unlocks the Hunter’s Medal so you can access the endgame areas of these dungeons. In addition, you can use the Regalia Type-F (the flying version) to reach Pitioss, another endgame dungeon.

To access the Pitioss dungeon, head to Lestallum at night and make your way to the east side of the town (by the Tozus Counter and Culless Munitions). Make your way to the nearby house and listen in on the conversation to start the quest, Stealing the Past. Head over to Rock of Ravatogh, then make your way north to the landing strip. Going through Pitioss will reward you with the Black Hood that allows Noctis the ability to auto-dodge attacks.

Legendary Weapons

While you’ve in Lestallum on your way to the Pitioss dungeon, stop and speak with Randolph to begin the quest, A Legend if Born. This is the first of five quests that allows you to obtain the five legendary weapons. We’ve already detailed how to complete the five quests to get the legendary weapons, and they will serve you well as you complete other post game content.

Complete More Hunts

Final Fantasy 15 Adamantoise

There are a number of hunts you can accept and complete during your endgame time in Final Fantasy 15. In addition, you can defeat the beasts of legend such as Adamantoise. You can fight Adamantoise during the main game, but most people probably skipped out on that battle. If you haven’t already, head to Cape Caem and speak with Iris to begin this quest line. You’ll have to head back to Hammerhead to talk to Cindy and discuss the matter with a few other people before you can actually fight Adamantoise.

The best advice against Adamantoise is to bring as many health items as you can. No matter how well you fight the Adamantoise, chances are you’re going to take a lot of damage. It’s also a good idea to have the Warp Factor Ascensions ready to go (unlocked in the Ascensions menu) and quickly move to Warp Points anytime you see Adamantoise flashing (indicating an attack is coming). Target the feet and eyes of Adamantoise with Warp Strikes and other attacks and it will go down with relative ease.

As you can see, there’s plenty to do after you have completed the main story in Final Fantasy 15. Be sure to check out our walkthrough and guide for more tips and tricks to complete Noctis’ adventure.

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