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Final Fantasy 15 – How to Get Ruby Light and Carbuncle

by Bryan Dawson

If you’ve been playing Final Fantasy 15 and you don’t have Carbuncle or the Ruby Light ability, you may be making things harder than they need to be. There’s a very easy way to obtain Carbuncle, as well as get the Ruby Light ability. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get either unless you download and play the Final Fantasy 15 Platinum Demo.

If you’ve unfamiliar with Ruby Light, the Carbuncle ability heals Noctis when his HP is low. This is a very good ability to have, especially if you’ve been going around collecting all of the Royal Arms in the game. These powerful weapons drain Noctis’ health when they’re used, which can put him in dangerous situations, perfect for the Ruby Light ability.

How to Get Carbuncle

Final Fantasy 15 Carbuncle

To acquire Carbuncle and the Ruby Light ability, download the Final Fantasy 15 Platinum Demo, then play through it until you meet Carbuncle. You will then acquire Carbuncle as soon as the main game begins. You will get a message that you have unlocked Carbuncle when you begin Final Fantasy 15. If you did not get the message you haven’t unlocked Carbuncle and you probably still need to play through the Platinum Demo.

It should also be noted that there is one catch to summoning Carbuncle. It can only be summoned when playing on the Easy Mode difficulty setting. While Carbuncle will show up in random pictures when playing on higher difficulties, you won’t be able to summon it. However, you can find out how to summon any of the other Astrals in the game and more in our Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough and guide!