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Final Fantasy 15 – Glass Gemstone Locations, A Better Engine Blade II

by Josh Hawkins

The Engine Blade is Noctis’ primary weapon when you start out in Final Fantasy 15. Like the Drain Lance, it can be upgraded by offering up rare treasures to Cid, who can be found at Hammerhead. Talking with Cid while you have the weapons in your inventory will start the questline, which you can then complete by finding the rare items that he needs to upgrade the sword. In this article, we will show you how to find the Glass Gemstone, which is needed to complete the quest A Better Engine Blade II.

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How to Find Glass Gemstones

Finding Glass Gemstones is actually a little tough. You’ll need to play through the game to Chapter 3, where you gain access to Duscae. From there, travel to Lestallum, where you will find the first Glass Gemstone hidden in Final Fantasy 15. Once you hop out of your car, head up the stairs and cross the road to your left. Move towards the Newfields building and look for this item on a table on the building’s front deck.

The next Glass Gemstone can be found in Cape Caem, near the Hidden Getaway rest spot. While looking at the entrance to the hotel, turn to your right and look out for a small well. This Glass Gemstone can be grabbed off the edge of the well.

To find the third Glass Gemstone hidden in Final Fantasy 15, head to the hills to the east of Vesperpool. You’re looking for the hills that are nestled between the small lake and Vesperpool. Just walk around the area and you shouldn’t have much trouble spotting this Glass Gemstone waiting to be claimed.

You can also find a Glass Gemstone in Altissa. The item can be found near The Leville – Royal Suite rest area. Head left as you exit the hotel and move past the first vendor, turn left again near a fountain and follow the path forward to a small archway. You should spot the Glass Gemstone on the ground under the arch.

The final way you can acquire a Glass Gemstone is to level up Gladioulus’ Survival skill. Like Noctis’ Fishing skill, this is Gladio’s primary skill in the game. Once you level it up to level 6, Glass Gemstones will have a chance to drop from enemies after a battle. This isn’t the quickest way to go about getting a Glass Gemstone, but it is an option for those who spend a lot of time camping out under the wide open sky.

Since Glass Gemstones count as treasure items, any that you don’t need can be sold to vendors for a pretty penny. Once you have your first Glass Gemstone, and have completed the first part of the quest by turning in a Rusted Bit, head back to Hammerhead and speak with Cid to complete A Better Engine Glade II. This will allow you to move on to the final part of the quest, which will require you to find another rare item.

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