Final Fantasy 15 Legendary Weapons – Dragoon Lance, Soul Saber and More

Learn how to complete the five quests that lead to the Legendary Weapons in Final Fantasy 15.

There are plenty of weapons in Final Fantasy 15, but some of the best are the five legendary weapons which can’t even be found until you’ve completed the main story. In this article we cover how to find all of the Final Fantasy 15 legendary weapons, including the Iron Juke, Dragoon Lance, Ziedrich, Soul Saber and Zwill Crossblades. We’ll also provide some pointers along the way to make things easier on you. Of course these aren’t the only weapons in Final Fantasy 15, but they are some of the best and worth picking up after you finished the story.

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How to Find the Legendary Weapons

Once you’ve completed the main game and returned to the open world, head north west to the town of Lestallum (found before you hit Vesperpool). When you reach Lestallum you’ll notice there’s a new NPC by the name of Randolph. Speak with Randolph to discover that he’s a legendary blacksmith (perfect for creating legendary weapons) who will give you a series of quests to obtain the weapons you’re after.

Legendary Weapon Quests

A Legend is Born

  • Weapon Reward: Iron Juke
  • XP Reward: 8,000

The main focus of this quest is to bring down the giant bird, Bennu. The enemy is weak to Thunder-based spells, so make sure you’re equipped with as many as you can muster before you head into battle. Beenu is level 55 so take that into account as well. There isn’t much to this fight, especially if you’ve made it this far. Of the five quests for Legendary Weapons, this is definitely the second easiest after the Cursed Legend battle against Phalaris. Defeating Bennu awards you with the Jet-Black Beak, which you need to give to Randolph to obtain the Iron Juke weapon.

Dreadful Legend

  • Weapon Reward: Dragoon Lance
  • XP Reward: 10,000

Speak with Randolph once more after you complete A Legend is Born. He will give you the Dreadful Legend quest, which sends you to Vesperpool to bring down the level 65 enemy, Malbodoom. Don’t bother using any Fire-based attacks on Malbodoom as it’s resistant. Instead focus on Blizzard-based attacks to inflict as much damage as possible.

As with any Malboro in the Final Fantasy series, you absolutely need to avoid the Bad Breath attack. Stay on the move and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with avoiding Bad Breath. While you can take down the smaller Malboros, it really isn’t necessary to complete the fight. Instead, focus on using Blizzard-based spells your team Techniques (when they’re available) and you shouldn’t have much issue bringing down the boss. Once it’s down you will get the Malboro Tentacle. Give this to Randolph to complete the quest and receive the Dragoon Lance for your troubles.

A Legend Wrapped in an Enigma

  • Weapon Reward: Ziedrich
  • XP Reward: 12,000

Once you’ve completed the Dreadful Legend quest, speak with Randolph again to begin this quest. Like many of the monster hunts in Final Fantasy 15, you can only perform this quest at night. Make your way to the Fallgrove parking spot and prepare for battle against two Sir Tonberry enemies. It is imperative that you avoid the attacks of these two Tonberries as much as possible. They inflict a significant amount of damage and you will be hard-pressed to win this battle if you’re getting hit over and over.

Your best bet is to equip the Ring of Lucii and dodge all of the Sir Tonberry physical attacks. Each time you dodge, the enemy will take damage from Holy, making this fight much easier than it probably should be. Stall the fight inflicting damage with Holy until you can summon Ramuh and finish off the enemies. Once they’re down you obtain the Chef’s Knife which you need to give to Randolph to receive the Zeidrich weapon.

Cursed Legend

  • Weapon Reward: Soul Saber
  • XP Reward: 15,000

Speak with Randolph again after completing the quest, A Legend Wrapped in an Enigma and he will allow you to start the Cursed Legend quest. For this quest you need to fight against the level 85 Phalaris at the location marked on your map. Don’t let the level of this enemy fool you, this is the easiest fight of the entire quest series. You have a ton of room to move around during the battle, and Phalaris attacks slowly enough that you shouldn’t have much issue avoiding the attacks and finishing it off quickly. Defeat Phalaris to find the Resplendent Hollowhorn. Return this to Randolph to receive the Soul Saber.

Wondrous Weapon

  • Weapon Reward: Zwill Crossblades
  • XP Reward: 20,000

Talk to Randolph one more time after completing the Cursed Legend quest to start Wondrous Weapon. This final Legendary Weapon quest puts you up against the level 120 Naglfar. This is easily the most difficult fight of the five quests, but it can be done. Ideally you want to focus on Fire-based spells to inflict as much damage as possible.

Be ready with your best and most damaging Fire-based spells and attacks because you’re going to need them here. It’s also a good idea to have as many healing items as possible. We used about 30 during our run through this boss, but we also dodge a lot. If you’re more of a full frontal attacker, you may want to bring 40 or 50 healing items just to be safe. Bring down Naglfar to obtain the Squirming Bone, which Randolph will exchange for the Zwill Crossblades.

You can find more weapons and other tips and tricks in our Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough and guide!

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