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Final Fantasy 15 – All Rusted Bit Locations, A Better Engine Blade

by Josh Hawkins

The Engine Blade is Noctis’ primary weapon in Final Fantasy 15, and it can be upgraded to become stronger and more powerful. To upgrade this weapon, you’ll need to find rare treasures, which can then be turned in to Cid at Hammerhead to receive the upgrade. In this article, we will tell you how to find the Rusted Bit and complete the quest A Better Engine Blade.

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How to Get the Quest

To get this quest, continue through the game until you reach Chapter 2: No Turning Back. At this point, go to Hammerhead and speak with Cid after he tells you about Cor. When you speak with him a second time, he will mention that he can make your Engine Blade better; this will begin the quest A Better Engine Blade. Now all you’ll need to do is find and procure the Rusted Bit, a rare treasure item that is used to upgrade your Engine Blade to Engine Blade II.

All Rusted Bit Locations

To find a Rusted Bit, you’ll need to check several different areas. This is a rare treasure, which means it is worth some money, but you’ll want to make sure you don’t sell it or you’ll have to find another one. The easiest way to find a Rusted Bit is to continue through the main story to Kaycatrich Trench Dungeon. This is the second Royal Tomb you go to, and is where you find the second Armiger of the game. Upon entering the dungeon, head forward as far as you can before turning right at the wall. Next, take a left and look out for a pile of rubble at a dead end tunnel. A Rusted Bit can be grabbed from here.

You can also find a second Rusted Bit within the Keycatrich Trench Dungeon. Continue through the dungeon until you spot a room with a lightning elemental node inside. Pass through the room and look for another pile of rubble at a dead end. The second Rusted Bit can be grabbed from here.

A third Rusted Bit can be found in Galdin Quay. Hop out of the Regalia and head down the middle pier. There is a white and blue striped pole at the end. The Rusted Bit can be found beside it.

To find a fourth Rusted Bit, head to Prairie Outpost, where you meet Monica for the first time in Chapter 2. Once you arrive, look out for a water tower and then climb up to the platform on the tower using a nearby ladder. This Rusted Bit can be found on the platform.

Players will also be able to find two additional Rusted Bits inside Greyshire Glacial Grotto Dungeon, the dungeon behind the waterfall that the main quest leads you to. Hug the left-most wall as you enter and look for the first Rusted Bit on the ground. The second Rusted Bit in this area can be found near the middle of the dungeon’s large room, next to a group of stalagmites.

If you discovered Fociaugh Hollow Dungeon, you can also find two Rusted Bits inside. This is the dungeon you end up in while trying to unlock the Summon, Ramuh, during the main quest of the game. The first Rusted Bit is in the room directly across from the entrance. The second can be found deeper inside the dungeon, near a fire elemental node.

Head into the Balouve Mines, in Leide, and you can also find a Rusted Bit just beyond the corridor that leads from the entrance to the elevator. Look for this Rusted Bit on the tracks.

Yet another Rusted Bit can be found east of the Cauthess Disc, where you fight Titan. Cross the road at the Cauthess Coernix Station and look for a pile of rubble containing this Rusted Bit.

The final two Rusted Bits can be found in the Taelpar Rest Area’s outpost, south of Duscae. Head behind the diner and look for the item in the crass. There is also a second one behind the turquoise car that is conveniently parked between the buildings.

Those are all the Rusted Bits we know of in Final Fantasy 15. Once you have the Rusted Bit, you can return to Cid and speak with him to upgrade your Engine Blade and unlock the second part of this quest. Continue on to A Better Engine Blade II, or return to our Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough for more tips and guides to help you defeat your foes.