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Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age – Get the Zodiac Spear Location

by Bryan Dawson

One of the more impressive weapons in Final Fantasy 12 is the Zodiac Spear. Those who played the original game may remember how to find the Zodiac Spear, but that method has changed in The Zodiac Age. This article covers how to get the Zodiac Spear in Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age. Most would agree it’s a bit easier to find the Zodiac Spear in The Zodiac Age remaster, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

The Hunt Club

You can get the Zodiac Spear from the Hunt Club. The Hunt Club becomes available after completing Archades. You won’t gain access to the Zodiac Spear until you’ve completed the main hunt and collected 30 trophies, which can’t happen until the Strahl is available so you can travel around the world freely.

To unlock the Hunt Club, speak with the Huntmaster at the Phon Coast Hunters’ Camp once you complete Archades. You’ll be tasked with hunting down a Thalassinon on the Vaddu Strand, located east of the Hunters’ Camp. To find the beast you’re looking for you’ll need to get to higher ground, such as the ledge that overlooks the beach on the east side of the Vaddu Strand.

Once you’ve taken down the Thalassinon, head back to the Huntmaster, talk to one of the three brothers, and agree to hunt. Talk to the Huntmaster one more time. At this point you’re tasked with finding 30 rare monsters all across the world. Defeat the monsters and speak to Atak, Stok and Blok to unlock various items in the Shifty-Eyed Merchant’s store.

How to Get the Zodiac Spear

In order to get the Zodiac Spear (and the Zodiac Escutcheon), you need to trade 30 trophies from your hunts to Atak, Blok and Stok, giving them 10 each. Unfortunately, there are only 30 total trophies you can obtain from the various hunts. The Zodiac Spear requires all 30, which means you won’t be able to unlock a lot of the items in the store if the Zodiac Spear is your goal.

If you decided to go with an Uhlan as one of the jobs in your party, the Zodiac Spear could be worth the sacrifice. Keep in mind, it will cost you 999,999, which also makes it one of the most expensive weapons in the game.

There is an alternative way to get the Zodiac Spear. Instead of giving 10 trophies to Atak, Blok and Stok, give at least 16 to Atak. Once you’ve collected and turned over all 30 trophies, there’s an awards ceremony and you’ll receive a special gift. As long as Atak received at least 16 of the 30 trophies, the gift will be the Zodiac Spear.

Alternate Methods

You can get the Zodiac Spear in Trial Mode as well. You need to reach stage 62, which isn’t an easy task. However, if you can reach and complete stage 62 of Trial Mode, you will be rewarded with the Zodiac Spear.

Finally, there’s a very, very, very slim chance that a chest will spawn deep in the Henne Mines where you face Tiamat. The mines are located south of the Ozmone Plain. It’s extremely unlikely the chest will spawn, but every time you enter the mines there’s a slim chance the chest will spawn. If it does there’s a guaranteed Zodiac Spear inside. You’re much better off getting the Zodiac Spear via the hunt listed above, but if you’re extremely lucky you may find it in the Henne Mines as well.

You can find complete details on the monsters in the hunt and all other available rewards in the official Prima strategy guide!