Final Changes to Forestry in OSRS Listed

A mix of content both chopped and tweaked.

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The Old School RuneScape team has been listening to player feedback and has incorporated the final adjustments to Forestry so that it better represents their original vision of the skill and player preference. All of the changes to Forestry can be viewed below.

OSRS Forestry Final Updates

The OSRS Team have been working hard to make Forestry something that changes how people participate in the Woodcutting skill, giving it a little more variety as opposed to standing at a tree and chop, chop, chopping for hours on end. With these final tweaks to Forestry, it seems like they’ve achieved exactly what they set out to do when Forestry Part I was first released.

Event Items

Originally, barring the F2P Forestry event, the other events needed someone to have a certain item in their Forestry Kit to allow certain events to have a chance of spawning. This meant that players had to hold onto a plethora of items to experience the full roster of events.

This will no longer be the case, as Jagex has decided to remove all Forestry event items from the game. If you have some, they will be automatically converted into GP on your next login. This is a way to get back to basics with Forestry. No more convoluted process.

Event Spawns

The event spawns themselves are now altered to be based on each individual person. So, no matter where you are getting your lumberjack on, you will have a chance at spawning any of the events. Jagex has stated that they will be tracking Woodcutting every three minutes, in particular chop attempts, as opposed to collected logs. If you do spawn an event, it will spawn in a 20-tile radius, and completing it will reward you with XP, Anima Infused Bark, and event-specific rolls.

Other players can also stumble upon the random event and participate too! Which is always nice in an MMO. Players who participate in someone else’s spawned event will receive a lesser reward. It will consist of 10% of the XP.

Twitcher’s Gloves

Hooray! Twitcher’s Gloves no longer need to be recharged. Once you purchase the new version of the item, they will permanently benefit you. Additionally, they now come with a 20% bird next buff.

Because they are now new and improved, their cost from the shop has risen to 5,000 Anima-Infused Bark and 500 Willow Logs. A little pricy but at least you will be refunded for the previous Twitcher’s Gloves that you have purchased and not depleted completely.

These changes will make Forestry a more enjoyable experience for all who wish to participate. It also means that it is better blended to organic Woodcutting training as players will now be able to participate wherever they wish to do so. As opposed to seeking out opportunities prior. The OSRS Team continues to deliver on adjustments and tweaks to the game, such as the new and improved Fancier Boots.

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