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FIFA 23 Showdown Series Explained 

Look, if You Had One Shot or One Opportunity to Seize Everything You Ever Wanted

by Ashley Anthony
EA Sports | FIFA 23 FUT Promotions

FIFA 23 hit us with a surprise drop on FIFA Friday when they released the latest promo pack, the Showdown Series. The slogan attached to the latest FUT23 drop gives an idea of what these cards are about. The tagline reads: “Every Matchup Counts!”

Although there was no confirmed news, we here at Prima Games were under the impression a possible Team 2 of Road to the Finals would drop. However, we were caught napping. 

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Nonetheless, if you want to learn more about the Showdown Series and how it works for FIFA Ultimate Team, you must read this post. 

What’s the Showdown Series in FIFA 23?

Because we are at the latter end of the footballing season in Europe, it’s come to the time when every game gets treated like a final, and teams figure out their respective end goals. Every goal scored, shot blocked, and tackle made is the difference between a title run, a mid-table standing, or a relegation scrap. 

With the Showdown Series, FUT players will participate in dedicated Squad Building Challenges (SBC) to try and acquire these unique items in-game. It will be an event where players enjoy matchups where real-time results earn you rewards for your Ultimate Team in-game. 

Each Showdown player item will receive a base upgrade. After the match, each winning team player item will receive +2 upgrade points, with draws earning +1 upgrade points and losing team players’ stats staying the same. These challenges are based on games that will soon occur in real-time football.

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“Enjoy a week of world-class matchups with daily Showdown SBCs that turn real-life results into rewards for your Ultimate Team. Each Showdown Player Item receives a base upgrade, with Player Items from winning teams receiving an additional +2 upgrade (or Player Items that draw each receiving a +1 upgrade) after the match concludes.”

“Embrace the derby spirit with a rivalry-themed re-release of special Player Items from clubs that compete in some of the fiercest showdowns from around The World’s Game.” via

Added to this promo is Rivalry Re-Release, where FUT players experience the derby day atmosphere with special player items in some of the most brutal duels between rival clubs worldwide. Players will have to complete different tasks, with each task rewarding players with packs.

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