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With the arrival of Patch 6.45, all of the Blue Mage enjoyers out there can become even more powerful with plenty of new tricks on their sleeves. With a new level cap of 80 and 20 new spells to learn either in the wild, dungeons, trials or raids, it all begins with concluding the newest Blue Mage Job Quests, which will also unlock more features for the game’s sole limited Job.

After completing the very first mission, “And the Crowd Goes Mild,” the game asks you to reach Level 73 and learn the Schiltron spell before proceeding. Don’t worry any longer if you were struggling to do it, as this is where you can easily learn this new move to your arsenal.

Where to Get the Schiltron Spell for Blue Mage in FFXIV

Schiltron is obtained from the Long-tailed Armadillos in Amh Araeng, which are found around (X: 17, Y: 29). This is a Level 77 mob, so be careful if you haven’t leveled your Blue Mage to 80 yet as this not-that-little guy can pack quite a punch. I managed to learn it while still at 70, but it wasn’t a very pleasant experience.

FFXIV Where to Learn Schiltron Location
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When used by the Armadillos, Schiltron reduces damage taken. As Blue Spell #107 however, it deals counter damage whenever you’re hit with a physical attack with a 50 potency for each hit. Potency is doubled if you’re using Aetherical Mimicry: Tank, making it a perfect ability to give some extra survivability on dungeons.

FFXIV Where to Learn Schiltron Obtained
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Once you learn it, you can go back to P’yandih at Ul’dah to progress in your Blue Mage quests, as long as you’ve already Level 73. Blue Mages get extra experience from killing monsters, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you grind for a while. You can always ask a friend to level you up on higher-level monsters too.

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This is only one of the various new actions introduced in Patch 6.45 to Blue Mage. They also have access to plenty of new content too, so you won’t be out of a challenge to try it out!

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