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FFXIV: Where to Get Earthbreak Aethersand

Fishin' time!

by Patrick Souza
Where to Find Earthbreak Aethersand FFXIV

Crafters and gatherers are some of the most dedicated players in Final Fantasy XIV as they have the daunting task of supplying the market with all different kinds of equipment, foods, potions, and anything else that can be created by manual work in this game, which is a lot of things. 

Some of the recipes introduced in patch 6.3 use new crafting items such as the Earthbreak Aethersand, and keen players will know exactly what that means for them: spending hours waiting for elusive nodes to appear! To help both newcomers and veterans in the DoH/DoL arts, here’s how you can get Earthbreak Aethersand in FFXIV.

How to Get Earthbreak Aethersand in Final Fantasy XIV

Like all of the other Aethersand items, Earthbreak Aethersand is obtained through Aetherial Reduction. This is a process similar to Desynthesis, but the item becomes something completely different instead. This can only be done to Prime Collectables, special gathering items that only appear from specific nodes. 

Below are the items that grant Earthbreak Aethersand and their gathering locations. Fishers can also get them through Spearfishing and doing the same process in specific fishes.

Earthen Quartz

Screenshot by Prima Games

Job: Miner

Location: Mare Lamentorum, The Numbing Brand (X:21.7, Y:34.7)

Time Window: From 12AM to 4AM

Sophora Roots

Screenshot by Prima Games

Job: Botanist

Location: Labyrinthos, Logistikon Gamma (X:10.6, Y:34.8)

Time Window: From 8AM to 12AM

Verdigris Guppy

Earthbreak Aethersand Upper La Noscea
Screenshot by Prima Games

Job: Fisher

Location: Upper La Noscea (X:24, Y:21)

Fish info: Small, fast ones


Job: Fisher

Location: Upper La Noscea (X:24, Y:21)

Fish info: Big, only appears after catching 3 Verdigris Guppys in the same node.

Gathered items can only be obtained in their respective time window, while fishes will appear according to your own luck. Also, these are only positions for the first node. More will appear around the area.

The higher the item’s quality, the more chances you have of getting Earthbreak from Reducing them. You’ll need quite some high stats for getting the Collectability Rate all the way up to 1000, though, so you should be geared with either the Pactmaker set or the new Indagator’s set.

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Buying Earthbreak Aethersand with Scrips

Scrip vendors are another way of finding these. You can find them in any big city, but I suggest going to the Scrip Exchange NPC in Radz-at-Han (X:11.6, Y:9.5), where you can buy them in Scrip Exchange > Gatherer’s Scrip (Materials/Misc) > Purple Scrip Exchange (Lv. 90 Materials/Bait) for 300 Purple Scrips each. You can get those by delivering high-level Collectables or through Custom Deliveries.

Earthbreak Aethersand can also be bought from the Market Board, but will usually be quite pricy considering how difficult is to get them, so you better start taking off the dust from your tools and start gathering. It’s what they’re supposed to do, after all.

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