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FFXIV: The Hunt for Creation Moogle Treasure Trove Event – Release Date, Items, and More

Get your kupo on.

by Matt Vatankhah

Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.3 is arriving soon, which means a new Moogle Treasure Trove event will soon begin to keep players busy until the patch is live. The Moogle event rewards players with Irregular Tomestones for completing the usual duties they’d normally partake in, which can then be exchanged for a variety of older in-game items that would otherwise require a bit of work to obtain. Get your farming parties ready, and read on to learn about Final Fantasy XIV’s next Moogle Treasure Trove event, The Hunt for Creation, including release date, items, and more.

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FFXIV: The Hunt for Creation Moogle Treasure Trove Event

The Hunt for Creation in Final Fantasy XIV will begin on December 12, 2022, at approximately 12 AM PT and last until the release of Patch 6.3 in early January 2023. The exact release date of patch 6.3 is currently unknown, though we expect it to be revealed in the upcoming Live Letter this month.

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As for what you can exchange your Irregular Tomestones for in this event, you can expect the following:

Exchangeable ItemsTomestones Required
Namazu Neckerchief (New Item)100
Hallowed Kamuy Fife50
Albino Karakul Horn50
Falcon Ignition Key50
Ballroom Etiquette – Overzealous Affirmations50
The Ancient City Orchestrion Roll50
Heartless Orchestrion Roll50
Ballroom Etiquette – Intelligent Impressions30
Ostensibly Special Timeworn Map x230
Ishgardian Half Barding30
Spotted Fedora30
Spotted Spencer30
Drake Horn30
Direwolf Whistle30
Xanthos Whistle30
Enbarr Whistle30
Dark Lanner Whistle30
Sophic Lanner Whistle30
MGP Platinum Card30
Brick Garden Wall20
Marble Alcove Bed20
Mahogany Aqueduct20
Indoor Pond20
Barrel Table20
Giant Beaver Burger Set20
Stage Curtain20
Augmented Lost Allagan Surcoat of Fending15
Augmented Lost Allagan Surcoat of Maiming15
Augmented Lost Allagan Coat of Striking15
Augmented Lost Allagan Jacket of Scouting15
Augmented Lost Allagan Jacket of Aiming15
Augmented Lost Allagan Coat of Casting15
Augmented Lost Allagan Coat of Healing15
Central Shroud Riding Map10
East Shroud Riding Map10
South Shroud Riding Map10
North Shroud Riding Map10
Mor Dhona Riding Map10
Coerthas Central Highlands Riding Map10
Mutamix Bubblypots Card10
Memeroon Card10
Mist Dragon Card7
Ultima, the High Seraph Card7
Wind-up Meateater7
Smoulder Orchestrion Roll7
Coming Home Orchestrion Roll7
Magicked Prism (Job Mastery) x101

The Itinerant Moogles can be found in the three major cities (Limsa Lominsa, New Gridania, and Ul’dah) near the main aetheryte crytals.

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How to Obtain Irregular Tomestones of Creation

A variety of duties will award a number of Irregular Tomestones during the event, which can easily be farmed with a dedicated party. Here’s all the ways you can collect them:

Objective NameTomestones Rewarded
Dun Scaith (Alliance Raid)7
The Praetorium (Dungeon)7
The Weeping City of Mhach (Alliance Raid)5
Hidden Gorge (PvP)3 – 5
Onsal Hakair (PvP)3 – 5
The Fields of Glory (PvP)3 – 5
Seal Rock (PvP)3 – 5
The Borderland Ruins (PvP)3 – 5
Halatali (Hard) (Dungeon)4
Brayflox’s Longstop (Hard) (Dungeon)4
Castrum Meridianum (Dungeon)4
The Void Ark (Alliance Raid)3
The Porta Decumana (Trial)3
Dzemael Darkhold (Dungeon)3
Cutter’s Cry (Dungeon)3
The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Dungeon)3
Kugane Ohashi (Trial)2
Battle in the Big Keep (Trial)2
Battle on the Big Bridge (Trial)2

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