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FFXIV Red Mage Quest – Full List of Red Mage Quests

by Jesse Vitelli

There are a myriad of different jobs to play in Final Fantasy XIV. From Paladin to Dragoon to Red Mage, all of these jobs play extremely different from one another. To access these, you’ll need to complete questlines and other prerequisite activities. Here’s the full list of Red Mage quests in FFXIV.

FFXIV Red Mage Quest – Full List of Red Mage Quests

First off, in order to begin the Red Mage questline, you’ll need to have purchased the Stormblood expansion and have a Disciple of War or Magic class at level 50. Once these two requirements are met, you’ll be able to head to Ul’dah and find the quest giver “Distraught Lass” at (X:14.1, Y:11.7).

  • Taking The Red | Level 50 | Distraught Lass
  • The Crimson Duelist | Level 50 | X’rhun Tia
  • A Rewarding Struggle | Level 52 | X’rhun Tia
  • Tracking the Cabal | Level 54 | X’rhun Tia
  • A Vermillion Vendetta | Level 56 | X’rhun Tia
  • On Lambard’s Trail | Level 58 | X’rhun Tia
  • Stained in Scarlet | Level 60 | X’rhun Tia
  • The Color of Her Hair | Level 60 | X’rhun Tia
  • Traced in Blood | Level 63 | X’rhun Tia
  • Nightkin | Level 65 | X’rhun Tia
  • Child of Lilith | Level 68 | X’rhun Tia
  • With Heart and Steel | Level 70 | X’rhun Tia
  • Succession of Steel | Level 80 | X’rhun Tia

Those are all of the Red Mage quests in FFXIV. Shadowbringers and Endwalker forego Job quests inf favor of a new Role Quest system to help further tie into the main scenario story. This means your final true job quest is at level 80.

There’s plenty to do in FFXIV after completing Red Mage; you can check out the nightlife of Eorzea, or maybe you want to try and get the new Nier Pod mount from the Gold Saucer.