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FFXIV: Little Ladies’ Day Event Guide (2023) – Date, Location, and Rewards

Another Japanese-inspired holiday event is here

by Patrick Souza
FFXIV Little Ladies Day 2023

The Little Ladies’ Day is fast approaching in Final Fantasy XIV. The annual event is the game’s counterpart to the real-life Girl’s Day in Japan, also known as Hinamatsuri, and it’s back with its usual honoring for the princesses around the realm of Eorzea. And what does that mean for the players? New emotes and housing items, of course. So keep reading to find out when this year’s edition is happening and how to participate in this seasonal celebration.

FFXIV Little Ladies’ Day (2023) Date, Location, and Rewards

According to the official announcement, this year’s Little Ladies’ celebration will be happening from March 1, 12:00 AM (PST) to March 15, 7:59 AM (PST), so it will only be around for two weeks. Luckily, it doesn’t take much time to complete.

All players at Level 15 or above can take the starting quest “Inheritance” with the Royal Seneschal in Ul’Dah  – Steps of Nald (X: 10.5, Y:8.6). If you’re a beginner, just keep following your current MSQ until you get access to the city if you haven’t started in it. Event quests are almost always composed of only a few quick fetch quests that are almost guaranteed to give you no trouble.

FFXIV Little Ladies Day Rewards
Image via Square Enix

The main rewards for those quests are the Little Ladies’ Dance emote, the Lovely Little Ladies’ Day Advertisement housing item, and the Decisions Orchestrion Roll. You get all of those upon completing the event’s questline or through an event-exclusive NPC shop, usually costing no more than 1,000 Gil.

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Even if you’re not into housing, having some extra emotes is never a bad thing, so you might want to take a few minutes to complete this quest before it’s gone. If you end up missing the event, the rewards will eventually be available through the Online Store for a few bucks, so don’t worry. But grab it while it’s free if you can.

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