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FFXIV: How to Unlock Expert Roulette

Your first steps into the endgame

by Patrick Souza
FFXIV Expert Roulette

In the first couple hours of Final Fantasy XIV you’re presented with the Duty Roulette system. This is the main “daily mission” system of the game, in which you’re randomly matched into duties depending on which Roulette you choose (Leveling puts you in leveling duties, Trial gets you on Trials, and so on). You get some bonus Gil and Experience for doing so, making them the best way of leveling your jobs.

Among them, we find the Expert Roulette, which might not grant experience, but nets you tons of equally important currencies. This Level 90-only roulette is not initially available, and here’s what you need to do in order to unlock it in FFXIV.

How to Unlock the Expert Roulette in Final Fantasy XIV

In order to unlock Expert, you need to first unlock and complete the two most recent Dungeons in the current patch. If you unsubscribed for a while and later returned on a new patch, Expert Roulette will most likely be grayed out, meaning that it’s time to do some catch-up. Whenever a new dungeon is out, the lowest level one is put in the Level 90 Dungeons Roulette and the newcomer is added to Expert. 

Expert Roulette FFXIV
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As a side effect, your current Item Level must be at least the same as the most recent dungeon (otherwise you can’t even enter it).

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As of Patch 6.35, the two most recent Dungeons composing Expert Roulette are Lapis Manalis and The Fell Court of Troia, and the minimum Item Level required is 590. Both dungeons are unlocked by following the current post-Endwalker MSQ quests. After finally catching up in the history, Expert should be available to you once again.

Expert Roulettes are one of the best ways of quickly farming Allagan Tomestones of Causality as they give you a good amount of them each day, making it easy to reach the weekly cap. They’re also a great source for Tomestones of Astronomy, which is used to get the current Endwalker Relic Weapons.

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