FFXIV: How to Get the Humble Triumph Emote

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FFXIV Humble Triumph Featured

The emote list in FFXIV literally has no end as new entries are always being added with each new patch. The 6.51 update brought us the Humble Triumph emote to obtain in some of its new contents, and here’s what you’ll have to do to get your hands on it.

Where to Get the Humble Triumph Emote in Final Fantasy XIV

Humble Triumph is obtained by exchanging nine Aloalo Potshards by speaking with Trisassant in Old Sharlayan (X:11.9 Y:13.3). Those Potshards are an exclusive drop from the Aloalo Island Variant Dungeon featured in the 6.51 patch, and will be obtained from the Personal Spoils chests you can find in the instance.

A full completion in Aloalo gets you exactly three Potshards, so you’ll have to run it at least three times to get your emote. After that, go all the way back to Old Sharlayan and speak with Trisassant to claim your hard-earned rewards. There are many other rewards to be claimed with Potshards, but this one is our priority for now.

After buying the Ballroom Etiquette – Humble Triumph item, drag Matsya’s icon to your usual emote bar or just type /humbletriumph at your leisure. Just what you needed to AFK in front of the dancing catgirls at Limsa with the best-looking shades you can find.

Remember that running the Criterion version of Aloalo Island won’t get you any Potshard since its reward pool is vastly different from Variant. It goes without saying that the same applies to the even harder Savage version, so don’t worry about learning it and farming it.

You’ll have to run this easier version of the dungeon many times if you’re looking for the Spectral Statice mount, so there’ll be no shortage of extra currency for you to use.

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