FFXIV: How to Get the Spectral Statice Mount

Free as a fairy.

FFXIV Spectral Stratice Mount Featured

The first live letter for the Final Fantasy XIV 6.5 update revealed that we would eventually get a fairy mount, but players didn’t expect it not to be immediately available. It took her a few extra weeks, but she’s finally here, and here’s how you unlock the Spectral Statice mount.

Where to Get the Statice Mount in FFXIV

The Spectral Statice mount is the final reward for completing all 12 endings in the Aloalo Island Variant Dungeon. She’s one of the possible final bosses you’ll meet during specific paths in the dungeon and is also willing to give you a ride if you meet her and her other fellow boss friends enough times.

Getting all endings requires meeting all requirements for a different path each time you enter the dungeon, so you have to run it at least 12 different times for that. Bring your friends who also want to ride a magical fairy and are ready to repeatedly farm the same dungeon over and over to make this a little bit less boring.

Variant Dungeons can be solo-farmed if you wish, and this could be the best way to get a specific ending if you’re afraid of randoms ruining your so-desired run. Enemies and bosses will be adjusted to fit your party composition, so you don’t necessarily need to have four players every time. You and your buddy are more than enough to get the endings.

You can check which endings you have by heading to Duty > V&C Dungeon Finder and selecting Aloalo Island. The Aloalo Conservation Record registers which endings you already got by number, and it makes it easier to find which ones you haven’t done just yet.

Also, remember that the Criterion and Criterion (Savage) versions don’t count for the endings, so no need to bother with those if you’re looking for your Statice. They’re considerably harder than the regular Variant dungeons but are also worth a shot, thanks to the new rewards these difficulties received in the 6.51 patch.

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