FFXIV: How to Get Island Durium Sand in Island Sanctuary

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FFXIV Island Durium Sand Featured

One of the new required materials for leveling your Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.5 is the Island Durium Sand, another one of those minerals you’ll have to gather if you wanna see your island rise and shine. Finding it isn’t as obvious as one could imagine, so here’s the location for this specific material.

Where to Get the Island Durium Sand

Island Durium Sand can be obtained in the Sunrise Lookout area on the island around (X: 26.5, Y: 19.4), next to the mountain at the center of the map. You need to be equipped with the Islekeep’s Mythril Pickaxe to be able to gather it, and this will require gathering many other items from different spots on your island. You probably have some of them if you’re already looking for the Durium Sand, though.

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Once you’re here, look out for some Rough Black Rocks, which can yield you the Sand you’re looking for when mined with that Pickaxe. Grab as many sand crumbs as you need for the new constructions, as they’ll undoubtedly require a lot of those.

While not included in the new areas brought to the Island Sanctuary in the 6.5 update, Island Durium Sand is needed for many new facilities and upgrades. Since it’s placed right next to some other resources, it should be easy to get some extras whenever you come back for older materials you might need.

The Island Sanctuary is filled to the brim with lots of new content for everyone to enjoy, so take your time through it and don’t rush things. Rank 20 might take you a good while, so no need to tire yourself out while going for it. And there was also plenty of new content to tackle in the latest patch, so good luck balancing all of that out!

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