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FFXIV: How to Get All New Hrothgar Hairstyles in 6.4

Long hair all the way

by Patrick Souza

Hrothgars, although underrepresented in FFXIV’s overall population, are still a very important part of the game’s community. Much like the Viera, they also have various limitations when it comes to visuals, but those are also being lifted periodically. While their unique heads are still unable to wear most headgears, new hairstyles are pretty much guaranteed every couple of months.

We happened to receive some new ones during the 6.4 update. Haircuts work slightly differently for Hrothgars, but this is just another part of their identity as the furriest pals in Eorzea. We might see more options when their female counterparts finally arrive in the game, but these new additions will have to do for now.

All New Hrothgar Hairstyles in Final Fantasy XIV 6.4

We got six new Hrothgar haircuts available in this new patch. Four of them are already available by default and can be selected whenever creating a new character or when visiting the Aesthetician, while the remaining two are unlocked as you progress through the game. Using hairstyle items as a Hrothgar is not that useless in the end!

For the unlockable hairstyles, we got both Great Lengths and Modern Legend haircuts now available for them Hroths. These are represented as the cover image in this article, and are quite easy to obtain too.

Image via Square Enix

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How to Unlock the New Hrothgar Hairstyles in Final Fantasy XIV 6.4

None of the hairstyles are particularly hard to obtain or anything. You might have ignored them in the past if you’ve been playing as Hrothgar for a while, but it might be worth it to start collecting different haircut licenses. They even added the ears now!

HairstyleWhere to GetNPC
Modern Aesthetics – Great LengthsBuy for 30.000 MGP in the Gold Saucer.Gold Saucer Attendant (X: 5.1, Y: 6.6) – Prize Exchange III
Modern Aesthetics – Modern LegendBuy for 1.800 Skybuilders’ Scrips or get it as a Fetê reward in The Firmament.Enie (X: 12,Y: 14)

A single 80+ points Fashion Report gets you more than enough MGP for getting Great Lengths, so don’t forget to complete them weekly. As for the Scrips for Modern Legend, it’s way difficult to farm them if you don’t have a crafter/gathered properly leveled. You’re lucky if you get it from the Fetês, but don’t expect it to happen so easily.

Modern Legends is one of my favorite hairs in the whole game, so I firmly claim that it’s worth the grind. Or simply worth the purchase in the Market Board, since that hair is not untradeable. Just don’t overpay for it, as its prices might rise for a while since it’s technically “new” content. For Hroths at least.

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