FFXIV: Always a Bigger Fish Quest Guide

There are plenty of other fish in the sea.

You can take on many jobs in FFXIV. From your main classes like Dragoon or Reaper to the more crafting and gathering jobs like Weaver and Fishing. You’ll need to complete different story quests and objectives as you progress through the ranks. You might be tripped up by the Always a Bigger Fish quest if you’re an angler. Here’s our step-by-step guide below.

FFXIV: Always a Bigger Fish Quest Guide

The Always a Bigger Fish quest starts at level 68 and is obtained by talking to Wawalago in the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:8.1, Y:15.2.)

Once you’ve picked up the quest, you’ll need to gather three Dafangshi to give to Wawalago.

Now head to The Sunken Junk in Yanxia. This can be found at (X:10, Y:34.) Head over to the spearfishing hole and dive into the water.

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You’ll need to use your Shark Eye ability to locate the level 70 Teeming Waters located around the area. Here you’ll be looking for 10 Ichthyosaur. You’ll need to roam around and grab the different fishing nodes to obtain 10 Ichthyosaur. Once you’ve found ten of them, a new shadow node will appear.

Follow the newly prompted message that will appear after gathering 10. It will point you in a direction similar to how you find and locate aether currents for flying.

Locate the new shadow nodes and spearfish to find Dafangshi fish. Continue this process three times to gather enough of them.

Now you’ll need to deliver the Dafanshi fish to three different people.

  • Wawalago at the Glittering Basin
  • Ukimono in Tamamizu
  • Jisho in Isari

Once you’ve done this, head to Wawalago at the Fisherman’s Bottom (the same place where you picked up the quest).

Turn it in, and you’re all done with the Always a Bigger Fish quest in FFXIV. There’s still plenty to do. Have you received the Hippo Cart mount yet?

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