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FFXIV: All Eureka Orthos Rewards Listed

Maybe the actual rewards were the wipes we had along the way

by Patrick Souza

In order to incentivize players to keep doing their new content, developers will often add exclusive and interesting rewards tied to them. While Square Enix seemingly forgot about that when first introducing the Criterion Dungeons, that was not the case with Eureka Orthos, the Level 90 Deep Dungeon introduced in the Endwalker expansion of Final Fantasy XIV.

Just like its predecessors, there are many unique rewards that can only be obtained by exploring the depths of the Allagan laboratories and beating their experiments to a pulp. And since you can either get them for your own collection or sell them to do some easy money, there’s a valuable replayability factor involved. Here are all of the rewards found in Eureka Orthos in FFXIV.

FFXIV – All Eureka Orthos Rewards Listed

The rewards range from cosmetics to exclusive mounts and minions. Most of them are obtained through the tinged sacks obtained by finding the Accursed Horde across the floors. Heading to Valeirone next to the entrance to analyze those. The higher the floor, the rarer the sacks dropped, and you have a better chance of scoring a big prize.

Here are all the exclusive rewards from the tinged Sacks dropped exclusively on Orthos:

  • Modern Aesthetics – A Close Shave (Hairstyle)
  • Gancanagh (Triple Triad Card)
  • Raindrop Defense System (Parasol Fashion Item)
  • Allagan Barding (Chocobo Barding)
  • Crystal Rain (Music Orchestrion)
  • Forbidden Land (Endwalker) [Music Orchestrion]
  • The Promise of Plunder (Music Orchestrion)
  • Private Pachypodium (Minion)
  • Orthos Craklaw (Mount)

The Craklaw mount can be considered the “ultimate” reward as it only drops from Gold-tinged Sacks at a low rate, so expect it to be quite pricey at the market board. An easy way out of the poverty line. Numerous minions, clothes and bardings from past expansions can also be obtained from the sacks.

By completing Floors 21-30, usually spammed to get job levels and Aetherpool upgrades, you also get Orthos Aetherpool Fragments. They can be used in the Synthesis Node to buy these items:

Eureka Orthos Rewards Shop
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 20 Orthos Potions (1 Fragment)
  • All Level IX and X Materia (3 and 6 respectively) 
  • Eureka Orthos Frame Kit (10 Fragments)

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You can obtain even more rewards and some exclusive items after completing the 100 Floors at least once and getting your Orthos Tomestone. A special shop opens up offering the following options in exchange for the Tome:

  • Enearetos Ring
  • Enearetos Earrings
  • Enearetos Bracelet
  • Enearetos Necklace
  • Orthos Display Stand
  • Enearetos Frame Kit

Getting the 4 accessories and speaking with Koh Rabntah will get you the Aeturna mount and the Sovereign Hero title. There are also titles for completing Floor 100 once (True Steel) and all 100 floors while solo (Once and Future King/Queen), just like in the previous Deep Dungeon.

And finally, you can also keep the special weapons used inside the dungeon by speaking with the Synthesis Node. Each weapon costs 3 Orthos Aetherpool Grips, which require you to sacrifice 10 weapon levels inside the dungeon. 

After getting the base weapon, you can later upgrade it to the Enearetos version, costing you the previous version and 6 more Aetherpool Grips per weapon. 

And that’s pretty much it! There’s a lot to grind in this Deep Dungeon, so expect to spend quite some time here, especially if you really want one of those Enearetos weapons as leveling your weapon takes a while. Recovering them later takes even longer.

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