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FFVII Crisis Core: How to Use SP

A simple trick.

by Jesse Vitelli

Crisis Core Final Fantasy Reunion re-imagines the classic PSP game into a fully realized HD game for modern platforms. Like many games of the era, not everything is explained in great detail, and some systems can seem a little obtuse at first. Here’s how to use SP in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

FFVII Crisis Core: How to Use SP

When you begin playing the game, you’ll notice that you’re earning SP after every fight. However, there doesn’t seem to be any way actually to use this at first. You’ll go through the first few chapters of the game earning SP but having nothing to spend it on. There isn’t a skill tree or anything comparable in Crisis Core. Instead, you’ll spend it in the Materia Fusion Menu, which unlocks after the first few chapters.

Once you’ve unlocked Materia Fusion, you’ll be able to spend your SP on making more powerful Materia combinations. The more potent the Materia you’re crafting, the more SP it will cost you. You’ll end up with far more SP than you ever need, so don’t be afraid to spend it crafting the most powerful Materia you can. Materia in Crisis Core is your lifeblood, giving you access to magic and unique abilities that will change the tide of battle.

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To access the Materia Fusion option, just open up your main menu anytime you’re not in combat. Then, from here, scroll down until you see the “Materia Fusion” option. Click on it to open up the menu, where you can fuse any two Materia you want to make an entirely new and more potent combination.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to use SP in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. For more tips, tricks, and guides, check out Prima Games. We have a few other guides to help you through the game, but for now, check out our review of Crisis Core here.

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