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The Fastest Adventures in Destiny 2

by Lucas White

This week we’re seeing the 2020 Solstice of Heroes event kick off in Destiny 2, giving players about a month to collect and upgrade some seriously cool armor sets. Part of the event festivities involves grinding out Adventures, which are basically smaller story quests you can run through as you encounter them in various areas. The availability of Adventures depends on Flashpoint planets, which do change weekly. So whether or not these events are available will depend on the week.

Fastest Destiny 2 Adventures List

As of this writing we’re looking at Mercury as the current Flashpoint planet, so the following Adventures aren’t always going to be available. But that said, you’ll probably be able to hit all three of these over the course of the event. Beyond that, we recommend just trying whatever’s available in the moment and running the one you can get through the fastest yourself. As with challenges of this type, mileage can and will vary based on the individual player.

  • Hephaestus – Mars
  • Deathly Tremors – Mars
  • A Frame Job – EZD

Mars is clearly the frontrunner when it comes to fast Adventures! The first Adventure on the list, Hephaestus, only takes a few minutes to rush through. All you have to do is destroy a set of terminals, scan another, and beat some Hive enemies.

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Deathly Tremors is also an Adventure that involves beating up some Hive, but for this one you’ll be checking out some Hive static, running through the Olympus Descent, and interacting with some more devices in the environment. Naturally, you fight some Hive enemies at the end.

The EDZ, one of the zones you first hang out in when starting Destiny 2, has the next-fastest Adventure so far. A Frame Job is another simple Adventure that has you interacting with a set of objects, this time presented as setting a trap for Cabal. Once you go through the motions there you’ll battle some Fallen enemies, and be on your way.

The Flashpoint thing doesn’t make farming these Adventures easy, but the good news is that Adventure quests are pretty quick by their nature. You aren’t exactly going to find yourself cut off from the good stuff in a way that makes a huge time difference. So if the Flashpoint is neither Mars nor the EDZ, you’ll have to do a little more work, but not by much.

Are you enjoying this year’s Solstice event? Have you already grinded up what you need to get the armor set buffed up all the way? Or are you taking your time so you don’t burn out before the event is over? Let us know what’s good for you in Destiny 2 over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!