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Far Cry Primal – Tips to Upgrade Takkar’s Village

by Bryan Dawson

There’s a lot to do in Far Cry Primal and one of the many beneficial tasks is to upgrade and improve Takkar’s village. Unfortunately that can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know what to do. Luckily we’ve created this guide in order to help you build and upgrade Takkar’s village. Improving your village has a direct impact on the specialists that you recruit, which includes Tensay, Wogah, Sayla, Jayma, Karoosh, Dah and Roshani. You can find these specialists on your map once you have completed Tensay’s Beast Master mission. They can be brought back to your village at any time.

Bringing these specialists back to your village has quite a few more benefits than simply upgrading the village. As a quick example, if you bring Wogah back to your village, you will be rewarded with the Grappling Claw. Meanwhile, if you recruit Tensay, you’ll get the White Wolf and Owl.

Building Huts for Each Specialist

Once you have brought a specialist back to your village, they show up on your HUD as a waypoint. At this point you can go to each location to find a stone marker used to build or even upgrade the hut. Stand close to the marker to see the resources required to create each new level. Building a hut is a fairly simple process and simply requires a few very common materials. However, the following upgrade requires a rare animal skin that can a bit more difficult to come by.

Requirements for Upgrades

Let’s take a look at exactly what you’ll need to build and upgrade the huts in your village. If you pause the game you’ll see a village tab, which allows you to hover over any specialist to see what you need to collect to complete their next hut upgrade. It’s important to note that you can access this while you’re out and about so you don’t have to remember exactly what you need at all times.

For Sayla you will need the following items for a level one hut:

  • 4 Alder Wood
  • 3 Slate
  • 2 Reeds
  • 2 Deer Skins

You can find these materials in roughly five minutes, which is a common occurrence for each specialist’s initial hut. After building the hut you unlock Sayla’s missions, Gathering Skills from the Skills menu, Food Recipes, items in your Reward Stash, and 1,500 experience points.

For Sayla’s level two hut upgrade you need far more resources.

  • 35 Alder Wood
  • 20 Slate
  • 20 Reeds
  • 4 Mammoth Skins
  • 40 Villagers

Each level two upgrade requires a rare skin, but in addition, your village must have a total population of at least 40 people. The rewards for completely upgrading Sayla’s hut include a few more Food Recipes, rare items in your Reward Stash, and a 3,000 experience points.

You can find all the information you need to create and upgrade each of the specialist huts in the village menu. Keep in mind you should pay close attention to what is needed while you’re venturing around Oros.

For more information on Far Cry Primal, including a look at how to collect all of the Spirit Totems and Wenja Bracelets, head over to our Far Cry Primal Walkthrough and Guide.

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