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Far Cry Primal – Great Scar Bear Beast Master Hunt

by Bryan Dawson

Taming animals is a big part of Far Cry Primal. You can have a multitude of tamed pets (only using one at a time) with a variety of strengths. As you tame animals you will level up so that you can tame stronger animals that will be more helpful in combat. One of the last categories of animals features the cave bear and badger (it must be a honey badger). There’s also the side mission, The Great Bear Beast Master Hunt, which sees you taming the titular bear to unlock the Big Teddy achievement and trophy.

As you play through Far Cry Primal you eventually come to the side mission later in the game. Once you have the Beast Master Hunt quest, head to the quest location on the map, which located near a waterfall on the southeastern edge of the map (note the bear face icon). Make your way to the quest marker to reach the waterfall and find a cave entrance just beyond. Hop across the stone steps in the water to reach the cave on the far side, then continue into the cave.

When you reach the pool of water near the entrance, dive in and continue to swim underwater until you reach an opening on the far side. Climb up the steep rock wall and use the Grappling Claw to grapple to the top where you can continue moving through the cave. Once the path curves there’s a wall covered with paintings of a bear. Investigate the paintings and you’ll soon hear a roar. At this point you need to prepare to begin your hunt for the beast.

Light your weapon on one of the torches, then head out of the cave through the passage in order to get back outside. There’s a new campfire spawn point and a new location here. Activate Hunter Sense so you can find clues in the immediate area in order to help track down the bear. Locate some bloody footprints and follow them to a campsite. Look for another set of bear tracks moving away from the camp and to the north.

Continue to follow the bear tracks until you come across a few clues left behind by the other hunters. Keep moving north up the nearby hill until you reach a trap that you can craft using hardwood. Follow the tracks to find a fallen hunter and a new campfire location. From here the bear will be close, and if you’ve tamed a Bloodfang Sabertooth or a similarly powerful beast, summon it to help with the upcoming battle.

Use the grapple to reach the top of the rocks near the waterfall, and prepare to face off against the bear when you reach the top. You’ll find several hunters already engaged in a battle with the beast, which only helps you out since they basically serve as bait while you prepare your attacks. Go all out in your efforts to damage the bear, and use fire on your weapons whenever possible.

When the target loses about one third of its health, it retreats into a cave. Follow it as you move into the cave, and set some hardwood traps along the path. Once you get to your target, engage in battle again in order to vanquish the creature. With the bear down, move closer to it and hold down the Tame button in order to tame the bear and complete the mission. Once the bear has been tamed you unlock the Big Teddy achievement or trophy, and the scar bear becomes available as a pet.

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