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Far Cry Primal – All Spirit Totem Locations

by Bryan Dawson

There are a number of collectibles in Far Cry Primal. When you are close to a collectible item a blue icon indicates the location of the item on your mini-map. There’s also a triangle pointing up or down if the item is at a different height level from your present position. In most cases collecting these items will give you additional experience points, however when it comes to the Spirit Totem collectibles, you get a two percent XP bonus for each one that you collect.

In order to get the XP bonus for the item you need to locate the 12 altars and place a Spirit Totem on each one. Due to how the bonus XP works, it’s best to complete this set of collectibles first so you can benefit from all of the extra experience points you’ll earn for everything else you do in the game.

Spirit Totem Locations

Spirit Totem Village Mission – A Spirit Totem is placed during the Spirit Totem Village Mission.

Stone Beak Bonfire – Head to the mountains located east of the Stone Beak bonfire to find two bodies of water. The Spirit Totem is located northwest of the right-most body of water on a pedestal. You will need to use the grappling point to reach it.

Blood Snow Totem – Go west of Cut Mamaf Lost Cave to find a Spirit Totem west of the Udam camp.

Snow Shwalda Outpost – Head north until you come to a rock that hangs over the path. From here, go east to the NPC quest giver to find an altar near the southern rocks.

Bayabar Hunter Totem – In the southeast portion of the region you’ll find a camp. There’s a cave on the northeast side of the camp where you’ll find an altar to the right.

Stone Watch Bonfire – Head to the village north of the bonfire to find a Spirit Totem near a tree by the huts.

Burning Spear Bonfire – From the bonfire head west to find a circular waterway. To the north is a group of vertical stones. Once you reach the stones you’ll see an altar directly south.

Blajiman Stones – When you get to the area, locate Izila’s sacrificial altar to find a pedestal northwest of it. Place the Spirit Totem on the pedestal.

Stone Shadow Camp – Head northeast of the camp to find a pond with a small waterfall. There’s an altar just behind the waterfall.

Bloodfang Sabretooth Hunting Grounds – Near the Hiding Hole (unknown location) there’s a pedestal just outside a cave that’s deep within the hunting grounds.

Chanting Cave – Head to the cave, then make your way due west to find a waterfall. East of the waterfall you’ll find a path that leads to an altar.

Hold Rock Bonfire – Directly east of the bonfire is a camp with a water hole near the back area. Dive into the water and follow the tunnel to a small chamber where the Spirit Totem should be placed.

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