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Far Cry 5 – Unlock Old Betsy Rod, All Regional Fishing Records

by Prima Games Staff

Far Cry 5 – Unlock Old Betsy Rod, All Regional Fishing Records

The best fishing rod in Far Cry 5 is the Old Betsy Rod, but unlocking it won’t be easy. In order to unlock the Old Betsy Rod in Far Cry 5, a one-of-a-kind fishing rod, you’re going to need to beat all of the Regional Records for fishing. This can only be done by catching fish in the hard areas, which we’ve outlined below. If you want to know how to beat all the Regional Records in Far Cry 5 and unlock the Old Betsy Rod, then grab your rod and let’s get started.

How to Unlock the Old Betsy Rod

There are currently two types of regional fishing records that you’ll need to beat in order to unlock the Old Betsy Rod. First, you’ll need to beat shared ‘county’ records. Secondly, you’ll have to worry about beating the region-specific records. Each of the four records on the fishing boards will be the same, however, the two records on the right side of the board will also be specific to the regional fish that you can find.

County Records

First up we’ll cover the county records that you need to beat. There are four of these records to strive for, and they may take you a bit to do. Make sure you unlock the Natural Rod or the Wonderboy Rod before you get started on this quest.

Bull Trout – This first record requires you to catch a 21 pound or greater Bull Trout. The easiest place to do this is up in Jacob’s region, just northwest of Langford Lake.

Golden Trout – The second county record tasks you with catching a 4 pound or greater Golden Trout. Look for the northern bridge on Silver Lake, and then head west of it to find this fishing spot.

Lake Trout – Head north of Fort Drubman in Wishbone Lake and look for this fishing spot. You’ll need to catch a Lake Trout that weighs 37 pounds or more to beat this record.

Rainbow Trout – Search for this fishing spot in John’s region. Head southwest of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm and look for a small pond. You’ll need to catch a 28 pound or greater Rainbow Trout for this record.

Holland Valley Records

In Holland Valley, you’ll need to beat the following records to work towards the Old Betsy Rod.

Pallid Sturgeon – Look for this fishing spot just south of the Lamb of God Church and catch yourself a Pallid Sturgeon that weighs 55 pounds or more.

Paddlefish Sturgeon – Search for this fishing spot southwest of Rye and Sons Aviation. You’ll need to head south of the gun shop in the southwestern-most corner of the region to find this area. Catch at least a 112-pound Paddlefish Sturgeon to beat this record.

Whitetail Mountain Records

This region has three records for you to beat.

Chinook Salmon – You’ll need to catch a 27 pound or heavier Chinook Salmon from the fishing area northwest of the F.A.N.G. Center.

Kokanee Salmon – Look for this fishing spot along the southwestern shores of Cedar Lake. Catch a 6 pound or heavier Kokanee Salmon to beat the record.

Arctic Grayling Salmon – Search for this fishing spot up along the southwestern border of Jacob’s region. There’s a pond high up here, near the border of the map, where you’ll need to catch a 3 pound or heavier Arctic Grayling Salmon.

Henbane River Records

The final regional records you need to obtain at in the Henbane River Region. There are three more records to grab here.

Smallmouth Bass – Catch a 6 pound of heavier Smallmouth Bass from the river that runs along the eastern edge of this region. Search for the fishing spot between the gun stores along the border to find it easily.

Largemouth Bass – Search for this hard fishing spot north of where you find the Smallmouth Bass, along the eastern border of the region. Catch an 8 pound or greater Largemouth Bass to beat the record.

Rock Bass – The final fishing record you need to beat requires you to catch a 3 pound or heavier Rock Bass from the fishing spot in the center of Rock Bass Lake.

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