Far Cry 5’s Hope County is chock full of collectibles and nifty little items to find. One of the six types of collectibles available in Far Cry 5 are Cougars baseball cards, which you can find scattered around the map. A lot of people have been asking where to find Cougars baseball cards in Far Cry 5, and we’re here to give you that information. In this article we’ll show you how to find all the baseball card collectibles in Far Cry 5 with ease.

How to Find All Cougars Baseball Card Locations

There are a total of nine Cougars baseball cards hidden around Hope County. We’ve broken down the locations of each one below, so check them out and mark this collectible off your list.

Cougars Baseball Card 1

You’ll find the first Cougars Baseball card in Far Cry 5 at Cooper’s Cabin in Jacob’s Region of the map. Look for the baseball card on a small display shelf that’s located halfway up the wall in the cabin. Grab it before you move on.

Cougars Baseball Card 2

To find the second Cougars Baseball Card, head over to the F.A.N.G. Center in Jacob’s Region and then look for the card on a shelf in the store room.

Cougars Baseball Card 3

This third Cougars Baseball Card is also found close to the F.A.N.G. Center. Look for a small building next to a small lake and then head inside and search for this card.

Cougars Baseball Card 4

Head to the McNeill Residence in Jacob’s Region and look for this baseball card in the house right down from the runway here.

Cougars Baseball Card 5

The fifth Cougars Baseball Card can be found near the Baron Lumber Mill. Break out the window to get inside the building and grab this baseball card off of the shelf inside.

Cougars Baseball Card 6

Head towards Cedar Lake and then look for this baseball card inside a house with bunkbeds in the bedroom. Look for the card on a nightstand near the bunkbeds.

Cougars Baseball Card 7

This Cougars Baseball Card can be found on top of the mountain beyond Rattlesnake Trail Bridge. Look for the card inside of a room with radio equipment.

Cougars Baseball Card 8

Head to the PIN-K0 Radar Station and look for this Cougars Baseball Card on a shelf inside a small shed with an open doorway.

Cougars Baseball Card 9

Make your way over to Dylan’s Master Bait Shop over in Jacob’s Region to find this final Cougars Baseball Card. Look for the card on a shelf above a rack of clothes in the store’s main building.

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