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Far Cry 5 – All Safe Locations

by Josh Hawkins

There are a ton of secrets and hidden items for players to find in Far Cry 5. Whether you’re looking for collectibles, or just trying to find all of the safes in Far Cry 5, there’s a ton of stuff to do. Fear not, we’ve got all the information you need, and this time around we’re going to show you how to find all of the safes in Far Cry 5, including the location they can be found at on the map, as well as a general idea of where to look for it.

All Safe Locations in Far Cry 5

There are an insane number of safes in Far Cry 5 and these special items can be opened one out of three different ways. First, you can break safes open by planting C4 on them, or by using the Lockpick skill to unlock them. Either way will work, but make sure you’re far enough away from the safe to not end up killed by your own explosives. We’ve marked each safe below based on the location that we found it in, so use those locations to travel to the area and find the safes in the images below.


You’ll find this safe inside the bunker at the Armstrong residence.

You’ll have to solve the Prepper’s Stash here to get access.

Bright Warden Radon Spa

This next safe can be found at the Bright Warden Radon Spa, southeast of the Hope County Jail.

Make your way through the mines with the Prepper Stash in it and air out the gas. Once the gas has cleared, head back towards the exit and look for the safe in an alcove off to the right.

Hope County Jail

Look for this safe in the Hope County Jail.

The safe is in one of the main corridors of the jail. Look for it by a bookshelf. You’ll need to lockpick this one as blowing it open may cause the Resistance fighters to turn against you.

Grain Elevator

Head to the Grain Elevator where you find the Vespiary Prepper’s Stash.

While making your way through the stash route, look for the safe on the bottom floor, behind a pipe holding a beehive.

Laurel Residence

This safe can be found at the Laurel Residence.

Complete the Prepper Stash to drain the water from the bunker and find the safe in the back room.

Baron Lumber Mill

The next safe on our list can be found at the Baron Lumber Mill.

Look for the safe in one of the indoor offices of the mill, right next to a door and some rocket launcher ammunition.

Peaches Taxidermy

Head to the taxidermy area where you first meet Mable and have to track down Peaches the cougar.

You’ll find the safe inside of Mable’s house.

Rye and Sons Aviation 1

This safe can be found at Rye and Sons Aviation, where you meet Nick Rye.

Look for the safe in the main hanger, next to an old fridge.

Rye and Sons Aviation 2

You can also find a second safe at Rye and Sons Aviation.

Head out of the hanger area and over to Nick’s house behind the hangar. Inside the house you’ll find a locked door. You can lockpick it to find a safe inside.

If you’re missing the lockpick skill, look for the key in a small shed outside the house.

Grab the goods out of the safe before you leave.

We’ll update our guide with new safe locations as we find them. For now, head back to our Far Cry 5 guide for more helpful information and strategy content to help you bring down the Father and save Hope County.

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