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Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter Tips And Tricks

by John Cooper

Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter is the brand-new Battle Royale mode that has just been added to the game until June 17th. In it, players compete to be the last one standing in order to become the overseer of Vault 51. It’s a unique take on the BR genre and an incredibly over-the-top one as well thanks to the ability to launch nukes.

As a result, figuring out how best to go into the mode is a little odd. You can build, but not in the same way as Fortnite, you can shoot, but the weapons aren’t as good as in Blackout. It’s just a very different barrel of mutated fish. So, in order to help you find your feet, we’ve made a list of some Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter tips and tricks.

Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter Tips And Tricks

Each of these tips is designed to help you find your feet. You can still use similar tactics to other BR games, like hiding, being really good at shooting people, and letting your team carry you. These are just to help you with the nuance of this game. 

Work As A Team

The team aspect of Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter is of the utmost importance. You want to move around as a single unit and always stay close to one another as this will help keep you all alive. You also need to consider your teammates when looting, if you take all of the ammo for yourself, then your friends will struggle, so make sure you’re always in communication. 

Hire A Hacker

Make sure one of your team members has lockpicking and hacking skills. Lockpicking allows you to access loot you’d otherwise be locked out of, it also helps unlock new paths. Hacking, on the other hand, is excellent because you can use it to show players positions, request items, and even brings yourself closer to launching a nuke.  

Fight The NPCs

Make sure to attack and loot any monsters you see. They can drop essential items like ammo and stimpaks, so never miss an opportunity to get into a fight, as long as you know you can win. 

Don’t Be A Hoarder

Drop anything that you aren’t going to use. You only have a limited carry weight in Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter, so you need to make sure you’re using it well, and not wasting it on weapons you won’t use. 

Plan Ahead

It turns out that you can use blueprints in any mode and take them into Nuclear Winter with you. This means you can always build your ideal CAMP as fast as possible. This will really help when you need to save yourself some time. 

That’s it for our Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter tips and tricks. The game mode is only around for a little bit, but we know you want to outplay everyone else. Make sure to hop on over to Prima Games on Twitter, that way you’ll stay up to date with all the latest in gaming.