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Fallout 3 Bobblehead Locations – Science, Luck and More

by Prima Games Staff

This guide will tell you where to find all of the collectible Bobbleheads in Bethesda’s open-world role-playing game, Fallout 3. Considering the game’s popularity, it would surprise us to meet someone who never trekked across the wasteland, but considering it debuted in 2008, a new generation of players deserve to experience this beloved adventure. Thankfully, you can buy Fallout 3 cheaply for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Additionally, Bethesda re-released the game as part of the Fallout Anthology for PC. 

On that note, there are 20 Bobbleheads in Fallout 3 and a whole lot of ground to cover. Don’t wander aimlessly. We’ll tell you where to track down every one of these collectibles. Side note, you’ll see zones, latitude and longitude in Prima’s official Fallout 3 guide

#01: Energy Weapons Bobblehead

To find the first Fallout 3 Bobblehead, go to zone 1.01, specifically Raven Rock at latitude -28 and longitude 28. You’ll find it on level 2 of the Colonel Autumn’s quarters, resting on a table. 

#02: Big Guns Bobblehead

You want to visit zone 1.04 at Fort Constantine, latitude -17 and longitude 26.  Proceed into the CO’s quarters and check the open safe.

#03: Endurance Bobblehead

For this Bobblehead, go to zone 1.07 at Deathclaw Sanctuary, latitude -22 and longitude 20. Walk into the first chamber and check the pile of bodies.

#04: Explosives Bobblehead 

Journey to zone 1.11 at the WKML Broadcast Station, latitude -17 and longitude 18.  It’s inside of a sealed cistern near ham radio. 

#05: Speech Bobblehead 

Head to zone 2.08 at Paradise Falls, latitude -09 and longitude 16. Walk to Eulogy’s Pad and check the table for the Bobblehead. 

#06: Perception Bobblehead 

Time to visit zone 3.03, The Republic of Dave, at latitude 19 and longitude 27. Proceed to the Museum of Dave and inspect the bookcase. 

#07: Agility Bobblehead 

You’ll find the Bobblehead at zone 3.06, Greener Pastures Disposal Site, latitude 07 and longitude 21.  Walk into the office and pick up this collectible off the table. 

#08: Repair Bobblehead 

Set a course for zone 5.07, Arefu, latitude -11 and longitude 06. Walk inside Evan King’s home and grab the Bobblehead off the table. 

#09: Science Bobblehead 

Journey to Vault 106 (zone 5.12) at latitude -09 and longitude 01.  When you’re inside Vault 106, head to the living quarters and the medical bay eastern wall. Collect the item off the shelves. 

#10: Charisma Bobblehead 

Now you’ll need to explore Vault 108 at zone 6.06, latitude 18 and longitude 06. Find the Cloning Lab and take the Bobblehead off the table. 

#11: Lockpick Bobblehead

Travel to the Bethesda Ruins (zone 6.07) at latitude 05 and longitude 03.  When you get there, proceed to Bethesda Offices East. Go to the top floor and check the desk in the middle room. 

#12: Small Guns Bobblehead 

Pack up and visit the National Guard Depot (zone 6.11) at latitude 18 and longitude -03. Find the Armory and take the Bobblehead from equipment storage. 

#13: Sneak Bobblehead 

Now head to the Yao Guai Tunnels (zone 7.01), latitude -28 and longitude -04.  Go to Yao Guai Den and explore the eastern section of the central cavern. The Bobblehead is on a metal crate. 

#14: Barter Bobblehead

Take off across the wasteland to Evergreen Mills at zone 7.04, latitude -18 and longitude -07.  Find the Bazaar and specifically Jack’s northeast alcove. Check the top right shelf behind the workbench for the Bobblehead.

#15: Melee Weapons Bobblehead 

Set a course for Dunwich Building (zone 7.11) at latitude -26 and longitude -18.  Find the Virulent Underchambers and take the Bobblehead from the mall maintenance room. 

#16: Unarmed Bobblehead 

Pick up and go to Rockopolis (zone 7.C) at latitude -26 and longitude -07. The Bobblehead is right next to Argyle’s corpse.

#17: Medicine Bobblehead

This one was right under your nose in Vault 101 (zone 8.01) at latitude -04 and longitude -04. It’s on Dad’s clinic table. 

#18: Strength Bobblehead 

By now you’re familiar with Megaton (zone 8.03), which resides at latitude -01 and longitude -06. Go into Lucas Simm’s home and then the sheriff’s bedroom, where the Bobblehead sits on a table. 

#19: Intelligence Bobblehead 

Take a trip to Rivet City (zone 9.15) at latitude 18 and longitude -17. Walk right into the Science Lab and collect the Bobblehead from the table.

#20: Luck Bobblehead

Finally, go to the Arlington House (zone 16.03) and look for the Bobblehead in the cellar on the shelves. 

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