Fae Farm: How to Complete Grell’s Quest ‘A Frozen Friend’

But I don't wanna be lonely no more.

Fae Farm Grell
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You’ve finally reached the top of the wintery mountains and found the cause of the blistering blizzard. There’s no dungeon between you and the story quest this time. It’s just a lonely, fluffy guy who has been repeatedly listening to Akon’s Lonely. How can you say no to helping out? Here is how to complete Grell’s quest ‘A Frozen Friend’ and quell the blizzard once and for all.

How to Obtain Everything Grell Requests in Fae Farm

After meeting Grell and realizing that he just needs a hot meal and a big hug, you will volunteer to round up all of his required ingredients. If there was a town poll, you would definitely be voted most helpful. Here are all of the ingredients that Grell requires:

  • 3 Polished Sapphire
  • 5 Berry Jam
  • 5 Frost Beet
  • 30 Chopped Vegetables
  • 10 Flutter Dust

The wide variety of items will mean you must farm, gather, and cook to obtain all the ingredients. The method of obtaining each ingredient can be found in the below table.

Item RequestedHow to Obtain
Polished Sapphire (3)Enter the Floating Ruins to mine Rough Sapphire. Use the Gem Polisher to produce Polished Sapphire at a rate of 10:1.
Berry Jam (5)Harvest any seasonal berries and then use the Food Prep Table to produce Mixed Berries at a rate of 1:1. Then use the Artisan Table to produce Berry Jam at a rate of 30:1.
Frost Beet (5)Using the Elven farmstead or Fae Soil Beds in the main Homestead, either plant Frost Beet Seeds or use Magic Crop Swap fertilizer on growing turnips for a chance at turning them into Frost Beets.
Chopped Vegetables (30)Grow any vegetable that grows above ground, harvest them and then use the Food Prep Table to produce Chopped Vegetables at a rate of 1:3.
Flutter Dust (10)Catch any variety of butterfly and add them to the Lowlands Critter Conservatory to produce Flutter Dust at a rate of 1:1.

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Note: The Artisan Table, Food Prep Table, Lowlands Critter Conservatory, and Gem Polisher can all be added to your homestead by pressing down on the D-pad to enter Build Mode and then down again to select it from the Crafting section of the Build Catalog.

Now that the blizzard has been cleared, your next task will be immediate and explosive. It’s always one thing after another on the little island of Azoria.

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