Fae Farm: How to Change the Color of Your Farm Animals

Breeding for shiny Pokemon has led me to this moment.

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Customizing is a staple of the farming sim genre. After all, running a farm means choosing what facilities, crops, and livestock to have. Regarding livestock, Fae Farm takes it one step further and allows you to change the color of all six livestock varieties. There are a few steps in this process, and a bit of luck is involved, too! Here is how to change the color of your farm animals in Fae Farm.

How to Get Different Colored Livestock in Fae Farm

It goes without saying that you need to have unlocked the Homestead locations where each variety of livestock lives before you can go for different color variations.

  • Homestead Coop – Chickoo and Cottontail
  • Hazy Haven Barn – Mamoo and Woolyhorn
  • Fae Acres Fae Pen – Lunen and Spriggan

You must already own the animal to obtain a new colored variety. Once you do, click on the sign outside their barn, coop, or pen and navigate to the specific animal you want to breed. Select the option to have them follow you. Then, get them to follow you to where you first purchased them. Instead, this time, we will talk to the specific breeder.

  • Loretta – Chickoo and Cottontail
  • Patel – Mamoo and Woolyhorn
  • Temael – Lunen and Spriggan

When you interact with any of the above characters with your chosen animal following you, select ‘Animal Breeding Services’ from the menu. Then, you can leave your chosen livestock with them for breeding purposes or buy breeding charms. You need to use breeding charms to have a chance at the potential offspring having your desired color. The standard animal breeders have the basic-colored charms, and the Fae breeder sells the funkier variety.

Breeding CharmRequired Material
Azure Charm♥ Polished Sapphire x3
♥ 250 Florins
Emerald Charm♥ Polished Emerald x3
♥ 250 Florins
Lime Charm♥ Polished Peridot x3
♥ 250 Florins
Pink Charm♥ Polished Rose Quartz x3
♥ 250 Florins
Teal Charm♥ Polished Aquamarine x3
♥ 250 Florins
Purple Charm♥ Polished Amethyst x3
♥ 250 Florins
Red Charm♥ Polished Ruby x3
♥ 250 Florins
Black Charm♥ Polished Obsidian x1
♥ 250 Florins
White Charm♥ Polished Diamond x1
♥ 250 Florins
Brown Charm♥ Polished Topaz x1
♥ 250 Florins
Yellow Charm♥ Polished Citrine x1
♥ 250 Florins
Tan Charm♥ Copper Ingot x1
♥ 250 Florins
Grey Charm♥ Silver Ingot x1
♥ 250 Florins
Orange Charm♥ Polished Topaz x1
♥ 250 Florins

Once you have purchased the Breeding Charm that you want to use, talk to the breeder, select ‘Animal Breeding Services,’ and then ‘Animal Breeding.’ From there, they will ask you if you want also to leave a charm. Say yes and choose the charm of your choosing. The breeder will take your charm, animal, and tell you to return in a few days when the baby is born.

Fae Farm New Baby Announcement
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So, the game does alert you when a new baby is born. When a new day begins, and you exit your home. A large alert will appear at the top of the screen to tell you. After breeding numerous times, I can confirm that at the time of writing, this does not happen every time. Which hopefully will be fixed in a future patch. On top of this, if you have more than one animal born on the same day, it’ll only announce one of them. It’s not a huge deal unless you’re forgetful like me! Either way, when the baby is born, go back to the breeder to collect your new bundle of joy. There’s a chance that the breeding charm will have worked, and you will have an exciting new color. Otherwise, the standard baby forms of the animals are pretty cute, too. If you want to try again, you can sell the baby directly to the NPC at the same location.

That’s all there is to breeding for specific colors in Fae Farm! By now, you would have adventured deep into Saltwater Mines, Floating Ruins, and potentially Scorched Caverns. This is where you will find the gems needed for the colors, and so you’ll be visiting them again!

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