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The Evil Within 2 – How to Save Your Game

by Josh Hawkins

The Evil Within 2 is finally here, and players can step back into the shoes of Sebastian Castellanos as he sets out to once more discover the secrets of a dark and tormented place. As you progress through the small town of Union in search of your daughter, you’ll come across key points within the story where you may want to save your progress, in order to keep from falling behind on anything should you die. Today we’ll go over everything you need to know to save your game in Evil Within 2.

How to Save Your Game

The Evil Within 2 continues the trends that the first game set, and it acts very similarly in regards to how the older Resident Evil games of the past worked, which means fans will need to find specific save stations where they can save their game. Now, normally these save stations are found within “safe rooms”, like the one that you start out at in The Evil Within 2.

Once you’ve found a safe room, simply head inside and keep an eye out for the item included in the image below. It looks very similar to a briefcase with a computer monitor inside. Interacting with it will cause Sebastian to place his satellite phone into a small holder, and then you’ll be given the option to save your game. This allows you to easily make sure you aren’t losing any progress in the game, just in case you die.

Saving your game is very important, and we’d suggest doing so as often as possible. As you continue through the game, you’ll often have the option to return to safe rooms after completing tough boss fights, and exploring areas that are filled with lots of enemies. Saving often will make sure you lose less progress in the long run, which will allow you to play the game and beat it much quicker, allowing you to experience the ending of the latest entry in the Evil Within series.

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