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The Evil Within 2 – How to Get the Shotgun

by Josh Hawkins

The shotgun in The Evil Within 2 is extremely powerful, and early on it’s going to be your best bet at defeating some of the more powerful enemies in the game. It also features some of the most prominent ammunition you’ll find throughout the world, so grabbing it early on is going to be a vital part of your strategy if you want to survive the nightmare that has taken over the city of Union. This article covers how to get the shotgun in Evil Within 2.

You can pick up the shotgun as early as the start of Chapter 3, after you leave O’Neal’s Safe House and head out into the town after the opening bits of the game. While speaking with O’Neal, you’ll pick up a side quest that tasks you with finding a set of Rogue agents in Union. You can kick this quest off as soon as you leave the safe house, and all you’ll need to do is get it started to find this powerful weapon.

How to Get the Shotgun

To get started, open up your map and locate the green circle that marks the side quest. Set up a waypoint on it—this will make it easier to find—and then make your way over there, careful to avoid any enemies in your path. Once at the first green circle, be sure to play the Residual Memory, which will introduce you to two Mobius soldiers. Once you’ve listened to the recording, another marker will be placed on your map, and you can make your way to it after you waypoint it on the map.

After you arrive at the new marker, you’ll find yourself at the house marked 322 Cedar Avenue. Head inside the front door, and then make your way through it until you reach the back utility room. Once here, you’ll find a Residual Memory. Play it, then interact with the trap door in the floor. This will lead you to a hidden area with a computer. Access the computer to head to The Marrow: Armory.

Once in the Armory, surviving becomes your biggest issue. Not only is the area crawling with regular Lost, but it also has a Hysteric, which is a much more powerful version of the basic Lost enemies. Your best bet here is to sneak up on her nice and slowly, then once you are close, stealth attack her. It won’t kill her (proving just how much stronger she is compared to a typical Lost), but it will wound her a good bit. Now pull out your pistol and get to work hitting those headshots, as this is the quickest way you’re going to take this enemy down.

With the Hysteric down, continue through the armory until you reach a door with a wave puzzle lock. Solve the puzzle (it’s pretty easy to sort) and then head inside to find a large weapon case on the floor in the corner of the room. Open this up to acquire the shotgun, which you can then start using to blast your enemies to pieces.


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